something feintly beautiful - in it's own little way - and blogworthy just happened. netting here before my seminar (as i still am) and felt the pangs of hunger (or lack of comfort food). but i only had one pound and 35p! can you eat for that on campus? well, i can. after deliberation, i remembered the baguette bar often sells off surplus stock at this time. on the way there, someone was putting up a "resist globablisation" poster, promoting an event at the crowley club. but the baguette bar hadn't sold enough stock to warrant cheapifying (how does that work? did economics just get inverted?) so i got a pork farms cheese pie (says cheese and onion but it's clearly not). more influence from laurenec's direction. and do you know, it wasn't bad, and cost 1.29, almost exactly what i had to spend! now i'm hungrier. but on the way back here, i noticed a cleaner carefully removing traces of the poster the anarchist had put up only minutes before. it rounded off the journey nicely. i bet the cleaner, by the looks of it, could do with a bit of global resistance too.

and that's jazz.
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