This is the personal website of John Fulton, it's twatting great, and could save my project.
and also very good, linked from the above, is fractal music.

and i just joined the ephel duath street team. whatever that means.


an important message from our sponsors -


INJUSTICE, the film about deaths in police custody, has had a huge impact nationally and internationally. The film exposed, for the first time ever, that 1000 people had died in police custody in the UK and that not one single police officer had been convicted for these deaths. The making of Injustice brought different families of those killed together and led to the formation of the United Families & Friends campaign. Injustice directly challenged the police responsible for these deaths and has contributed to the reforms now taking place within the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Crown Prosecution Service.

INJUSTICE is a critical success in its own right. It has been distributed by the British Film Institute and Migrant Media across the UK making it the longest running independent theatrical release for a documentary feature. We have had thousands of screenings of the film all over the world and hundreds of these have included Q&A sessions with the families. INJUSTICE has been shown in over 60 international film festivals and has won several awards. It has raised the issue of deaths in police custody in the UK to an international level. However the police's attempt to ban the film and also Channel 4, and the BBC's refusal to support the making of the film, and their continual refusal to screen it, has resulted in serious financial losses.

Huge numbers of people have asked us to produce a sequel. We are pleased to announce that we will be producing a follow up to Injustice called LICENCE TO KILL. Once again broadcasters are refusing to support us. We are therefore making a financial appeal to you for support. LICENCE TO KILL will include updates on the cases featured in the first film and will also cover strategic new cases and current political developments. Over the coming year we will follow some new high profile cases and we also plan to broaden the international connections between families. Once again the struggles of the families will be central to the story and both the production and screenings of the new film will help to move this struggle forward.

If you are outraged at the continuous cover-ups, giving the police a LICENCE TO KILL - support this production.

The cost of LICENCE TO KILL will be around £100,000. Make a donation and your support will help to produce a film that will assist the families of death in custody victims in their struggles for justice. We will credit all contributors at the end of the film.
Please circulate this email also.

You can make a donation by sending a cheque made payable to Migrant Media and sending it to:

Migrant Media
PO Box 47412
N13 5WG

Or by paying it directly into the following account, please inform us of the reference and your details also:

Bank name: HSBC 150 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 7JP. UK


Account number: 41116908

Sort code: 40 05 05

SWIFT CODE: MIDLGB 22 40 05 05 41116908

Please make sure you let us know you name if you want a credit on the film. If you have any other ideas for raising funds for the film, or want more details on our plans, call the directors on 07770 432 439

For details of INJUSTICE

meanwhile, in Chatteris... honestly, what are local papers like?

new from Gallow Slutt enterprises... Starscream & Hutch! starring Chris Latta and Owen Wilson as the fight-crime-at-all-costs duo. in the first episode, when S&H are assigned to track down some Chinese opium smugglers, Hutch is mysteriously hit in the back by a huge fucking las-cannon blast which confines him to a wheelchair, or robo-walker thing. Starscream remarks on the advance technology of those Chins, what with their banana bulletts and all, and then tries to butter up the chief of police, or poison him. then they all laugh, and the episode ends.

friday: after being assured that Music Technology was a valid option for next term (yes!) and that the essay i did in Ireland (mostly) got 62% (and iw as crapping myself), i put on my ROCK loud, cylcled into town, and cycled into town to buy the new David Wrench single. but amazingly, in Dave's books, they had a new Craig Thompson book i was unaware of, a simple travel diary.
(by the way - is the 'Blankets' soundtrack cool or cash-in?)
so i got that, and Cheapass Games' 'Witch Trial', which is a good game, if slightly flawed since only two players can take part in a trial. friday we went clubbing again, at the glouster. more indie. ahh. but the Blue Minkies are playing this Friday! (supporting miss pain) hurrahh! but their website makes my eyes cry blue tears, and contravenes every rule my web teacher taught me (blue on black = eye strain).
george came down, which was great, so we hung out with him and julie a lot. breakfast at Dave's diner, roast at the george (even though it's a Barracuda pub...)

and then there was the Booth Natural History Museum, which had literally hundreds of taxi-dermised birds of many, many species, from blue tits pecking a bush to great hooded gulls attacking a lamb. very strange.



grilly tries observational comedy

please visualise in a smoky bar, with bare brick walls, canned laughter and an Australian Question Inclination.

you know, when you go out drinking? and you have a really meaningful thought, and write it on your hand before you go to bed? and you wake up in the morning and read and have no idea what it related to? and you're like *throws arms outwards (including one holding microphone, although not as far)* 'Faaaarck! what does it mean?!'

'Ann Mitchell'.

in this case, i was going to bed and thought: i smell like Ann Mitchell's old cottage.
i loved that place.

tuesday was a good day for shopping, but a bad night for sleeping. to wit: i picked up Micheal Jackson's Great Beer Guide in a charity shop, bought Dillinger Escape Plan/Poison The Well/Ephel Duath tickets for Laurence, Thom, and I, bought a few post cards, picked up our free chocolates from sainsbury's (a card through the door, 'happy birthday laurence', meant for the previous tennenant - not really that wierd, before you start) and toilet paper, as well as organic cheese and some very nice humus. i bought a brand new radio alarm clock. we had chip kebabs for tea (dude, it was solid salad. healthy! ok, so the chips might be a wee bit carcinogenic..) and then before bed, i had a cheese and humus sandwich. well i had to. i know. ever since i read that episode of Desperate Dan, i've known you should never eat cheese before bed. i didn't need it or anything; it was just they were both so new. well; i slept badly, what can i say? woke up in bed with the electric guitar - i think the first time i've ever actually slept with a guitar. alarm went off at eight; i sat and listened to the news for an hour. turned it off and put Andy's Nes Advantage inspiration disc 2 on (you know, the one with 'death of a disco dancer' on). listened to it all the way through (kept thinking, oh! i can't go and make a cup of tea now - 'do the Manta Ray' {or whichever track} has just started). and then fell asleep again for the next two hours. dreampt of being on a double decker bus in indonesia, which hit MC Cake (who was riding a bike) and started toppling and spinning and reeling, 'like Norman Wisdom pretending to be lost in a hotel corridor'. and then i dreampt of the Opwall reunion (to which i won't be going, contrary to popular mis-belief), about ten of was walking through an estate to get there, and the local scallies start hurling bottles at us, one of us gets into proper fistycuffs, and then police arrive in a sideways car, and they're all really tall, and i think one looks like the lead singer of Proudhon. (holy fuck! Trencher did a split 5" with!!??! and while i'm on the brighton music scene, which i've been completely out of touch with, The Phil COllins Three have a rather excellent site, and a new video of Pants And Vest! and tonnes of great flash stuff) and then it was wednesday of course. i bought a big bin. andthen laurence and i went, with Dan and his girlfriend and two other people (i dislike not knowing everyone on a night out) to the music library for indie night! at one point, they were playing some shit that no-one in their right mind would dance to, but everyone did, so i perched on the end of the bar. and a bouncer came over and gave me a right bollocking! now you have your hieararchy. i'm not a criminal; i wasn't attacking anyone, or being aggressive, unlike him, who was only creating a good deal of tension in the club, where there wasn't any before.
this guy is a fantastic drummer. i've seen him. i think he used to live with Yentz.
it was a good night. Ewa was there! Laur said she would be. but she's going back to manchester in february, so i'd better get round to seeing her loads before then.

and how can they play Interpol (fuck it, no more links, i'm just going to finish up) after Joy Division? as a celebration of how far we've come? i say this because i found Antics in a temp folder on a uni computer, stuck it on my mp3 player, and i have to say i'm unimpressed with it. it all sounds so ordinary, to the point of being rubbish. sorry thom, who i know really likes that record. but at least i don't even have to say that Keane are shite, Andy. Jeffry lewis is where it's at.

but why don't i feel super?

oh god. there's a new leisure suit larry game.

bye later!

quick edit: detecting a theme in Gillen's work; on Vampyre: the Masquerade:
I found myself gleefully playing a femme fatale for the majority of the game...

on Everquest:
My character is a seven-foot Amazonian woman.

when i find more examples, i'll post them. but then, don't we all like a bit of eye candy? wasn't that the idea behind Lara Croft - who wants to watch a builder's arse for the duration of the whole game?

and the thing about joy division is... well to eb honeset, i don't they're that good either. seeing a live performance of transmission on Peel Night, BBC2, years ago, was life-threatening. but listening to Substance, courtesy of one David Lulhan's temp folder, i'm not that impressed. yes, Transmission; yes, She's Lost Control; very yes, New Dawn Fades (absent from this compilation); yes, Atmosphere (number one song in all time festive fifty); okay, Love Will Tear Us Apart. but Leaders of Men? Dead Souls? No Love Lost? i don't get it yet.


The game starts aboard a ship, where your initial training takes place. To learn combat you have to - and even as I write this, I can't believe a developer could still think this a good idea - purge the vessel of rats. My character is a seven-foot Amazonian woman. The rat is a foot-long furry thing with a tail. It looks utterly ludicrous. The millions of pounds spent on trying to create a beautiful graphical world to lose yourself in, entirely wasted by something so bloody stupid. Yes, every RPG does it. This is because every RPG is rubbish. And - as I've been informed since writing this - if the developers thought it was actually a joke, they should have played it as one. Just doing it again isn't a gag. It's not even a clever reference. With nothing other than its context, doing it again is just doing it again, and doing it again is RUBBISH.

which relate to: latest penny arcade

reminds me of my awful work for PCG. oh, the embarresment.

probably the funniest thing about going to Ireland, was how i ended up staying at Fiona's. she'd said it would be okay before i came, but her phone number that Gillian gave me didn't work. then i recieved a text from her; well, i assumed it was her. i checked the last three digits to my saved one and they were the same (obviously, the first three were the same too). so i replied with something about staying monday night. she replied, in a 'comic' cockney accent, asking me why i needed to stay. i was confused, and couldn't be bothered to respond.

it's lucky i didn't. it turns out it wasn't Fiona, but Shona, Jim's local friend who he called from my phone (eek! bill!). and she thought i was Jim. so everyone was confused and nothing was real.

so how did i end up staying with Fiona? the only thing i can think of is that Fi is the gorgeous type of person who is so nice that if you assume that you are staying at their house, they will happily accomodate you, even if you've not spoken to them about it or anything. it was good in Ireland. everyone looked so clean and everything. seeing people in their natural element. walking round the town. enjoying the craic in a real irish pub.

and the crappest thing about livejournal image tool is the quizilla pix that keep getting uploaded; and the crappest thing about that is the 'which little prince character are you?' quiz. i'm not going to link to it. it can eat my arse.

and the sweetest thing:
fred vellacott Sunday, 11/14/04, 3:52 AM

grilly,your email tends to evade me, but hope this message and website with a selection of wedding photos reaches you. Our best friend in saint p's is Robin, who who have been known to reside with in places of bright. Saw kid koala friday, slightly out of place in russki new rich heaven, but still best night here so far. Love fred


only thing is, that site seems to think it is actaully okay to eat cows. but for years i did anyway, so i apologise for then.

edit: hey, you fuck! why aren't you watching the new Cunt of Lula video?

and while we're at it, apologies to Rachel Sewart for leaving all that filth on her computer. the party on friday was well good. best game of gaydar yahtzee yet. laurence won with this guy

and i keep bumbing into Jordan and Rosie (who looks even better without makeup on). we were in spar last night (i only left the house to go the shops to buy things to eat immediately, this weekend). it's a crap shop; they really don't sell anything to actually eat. Jordan successfully noticed the 'z' on heinz baked beanz, when it was adjacent to an older can of baked beans. i bought two cans of heinz soup for 99p, even though buying tinned soup is, frankly, admitting you might as well kill yourself. but i accepted that a long time ago, and it holds no fear for me now.

and at least i don't "buy soup in cartons, not in tins".

and i finally got my bike working again - the dodgy inner tube with the firm valve has been defeated, courtesy my Butonese sarong. so i cycled in to university, even though mending my bike meant missing my lectures. but i just had to finish the job.

and after that hiatus, if anyone wants me to cook them dinner, please just invite yonder good self over. i could do with the company.
and i wonder if i am missing anything in my life.

edit2: radiohead and copyright


two things make me happy:

Valerie will be releasing "Five Foot One" and "Big Bad Billy C" and we will have our first compilation sealed with a loving flick out in the new year.

2: new half man half biscuit songs available.

whe i last saw the Val, they told me a tragic tale about there lost album sessions, which were sadly destroyed (although they weren't too bothered). way to bounce back, lasses!

oh, and the blacksmoke advent calender is up.

official squaxx dex thargo!

"If we need a special school for homosexuals, maybe we need a special school for little short fat kids, because they get picked on too" is the view of Mike Long, chairman of the Conservative Party in New York.

last night, Laurence and i were watching the doom 2 14:41 video, with a fine tooth comb. verdict: impossible. although the movie is a tremendous feat of skill, some of the actions performed are simply impossible. Our Hero moves far too quickly, sometimes at unbelievable speeds. after L went to bed, i experimented with the turbo boost on doom95, and even the maximum boost of 400 isn't as quick as the player (and at that speed, the controls fuck up). sometimes he runs through gaps far too thin to fit through (e.g. nirvana) or solid walls (the refuelling base) and picks up the yellow keycard on the factory through a wall. and on monster condo, he opens a red door without the key. what's that about? i tried to copy his rocket jump on the waste tunnels for a while too - it seems technically possible, but i couldn't replicate it, and i doubt anyone could do what he does in one life - at times he's down to 1% health, and surely only survives through luck. it could be programmed; more likely, it's a patch job of various attempts (i'm looking at some others now), but that doesn't explain the imp-ossible bits.

so i had a dream of tooth ache (clearly inspired by Jess), my tooth was loose and like a milk tooth but very painful, i couldn't stop fiddling with it, and then when i woke up i saw sure it was still loose. and then; something amazing happened. lying there in bed, i heard a tapping on my phone. i looked over at it, but there was nothing there. it was half 8; i thought about getting up. but it kept happening. i'd lie in bed, and the tapping would keep coming back, it was the sound of someone rapping their fingernails on the plastic coating, i'd swear. but when i looked it was just my phone, looking back at me. after two hours of this, i got the message and got out of bed. the tapping stopped.

and so.. Dublin.
James made me go. he said i could stay at his, we'd do work, it'd be nice. it was all true. we set out gone six on friday night, and stopped in sometown somewhere while looking for petrol at an organic pizzeria for dinner; had the big bowl of sloppy pasta i'd been craving. we drove on; while james' driving is technically good, his actual driving is questionable. changing lanes at the last minute (often when i'd pointed out we were in the wrong lane), missing turn-offs, using his knee, doing three times the speed limit... i only properly feared for my life once, though, when he tried to pull in between two trucks as our lane was being terminated. got to his house in county Meath at about seven in the morning.

might write some more of this later. i should get going home.

oh yeah, and the trial and error records night tonight was cancelled, due to lack of licence. oh well. never mind, because it's Jordan's birthday tonight, and 'November spawned a Mozzer' tomorrow night at the penthouse (is 3 hours of morrisey enough?). i'll see you there.

i liked Stanley Donward better before he sold out and started making xmas cards.
i used to think that unstable old people were all really good footy players... that was why people always called them 'gerry hat-tricks'.

big blog coming after this seminar, but i thought i'd just put this up to see if it works. it does!! whoo!

ps. code ripped off rob manuel's blog.

edit 01/12/04: flash object dis-embedded to stop page being nosiy.
tanks deployed at peace protest makes no sense!

this just in:
[Half Man Half Biscuit]'s final Peel Session will be broadcast on Tuesday 16th November in the usual Peel slot (11pm-1am). Rob Da Bank is hosting the programme for the rest of the year, and will be airing all of the recorded Peel Sessions. The Festive Fifty will also appear over Christmas.
i don't clutch my pillow all night anymore.

but sometimes, i'll scrunch myself up against the wall, and only use half the bed, as if there qwas someone in the other half.

by the way there's a change of plan on the trial and error night:
you may have heard rumblings on the grapevine but
Trial and Error recordings is officially rearing its
beautific head and making itself known via the medium
of Party,
the first will take place on 19th November at 17
Kingsland road. Doloroso will be performing live with
a special acoustic set from Garden, also featuring
Simian Mobile Disco, Tomp(Warp), Wheelsinsteadofhooves
and Blasé djs - get there early at 8pm. This is not a
date to miss!



Tim Curry Syndrome

so i finally got around to installing Gabriel Knight 3 yesterday. danny gave it me for my birthday years ago, i've never had the time... time? did i say time? that's not what i meant. it's not more time i've got. i just fancied something intelligent for my lonely hours, and i don't even have very many of them. only really when laurence goes round Aimees.
Anyway, imagine my joy whne i find that Gabriel himself is narrated by tim bleeding curry, and his 'southern accent'! his first three lines honestly sound completely incoherent - he cycles through australian, east-end, and finally settles on some fucked-up kind of american. it's so funny. so later, in the pub (i'm so sick of expensive pubs - 3.65 for a pint of ale and a bag of crisps (well, honey bbq pretzel pieces). and lager's even more expensive!) i invited everyone to guess who it was, of course laurence got it. john said Bill Murray, which led to all sorts of hints, not least the Charlie's Angels Sumo wrestling scene - the greatest scene in cinema.

listening to Riley's Rocket Science on BBC internet right now. he just played a classic Beefheart, a classic Tyrannasauros Rex, and something new from Block Party. great.

by the way, i thought i'd put links to my parent's web pages:

i had a dream..
it had huge, expanding, blue/grey/green mutant monsters in a cinema. my school friends and i had to go back years later to investigate; inside now were statues, or clones, or something.

i think shatner was in it somewhere.

and i had planned to go away to indonesia again, but there was a four day science conference over the weekend, and it got moved to the monday so it finished on thursday, and that was when i was supposed to leave, so i couldn't go.

today, on the bus, it was so funny. driving past the Brighton Uni campus next to Moulsecoombe station, and there was a Give Blood van parked outside. in front of it was another Give Blood van, identicle to the last. and in front of that was another van, exactly the same size, but said "Ginsters: Cornish through and through" on the side. i laughed, oh i laughed. no one else on the bus had any idea. i feel like a character in that Philip K. Dick short story with the man hanging from a lamppost, and the guy says, "why is there a body hanging from a lamppost?!" and everyone says, "oh, it must be there for a reason. maybe he wanted to be there. or maybe the cops did it." and it turns out the generic body snatchers have come, and are luring out the un-snatched with such examples. everyone's so oblivious. like Hienz Baked Beanz. see? you can spot it instantly when it's written like that, but put it on a can of beans on the shelf, and no-one notices. or fabulous juice (or is it a juice drink?) the excellently titled 'Tropicana Tropics Tropical'. that was another one i didn't notice the title of until i got home. or when people stand up in an AGM and try and amend a motion against violence against women, replacing every instance of 'women' with 'women and men'. "why is this motion especially against women?" they ask. "because some violence is especially against women" is my answer. and Steve From Last Year can fuck off too. "i'm too busy to submit my own motion! i'm a father of three, who i only get to see three days a week, i'm studying, i'm working..." ah, never mind.

Bush Does Victory Lap Around World Trade Center Site

thanks to th'onion for that title.

i'll present to you the picture that currently adorns my backdrop:

i've been a bit pissed off today (...envisages future where house-hold communicates only through websites...chortles because only Joel's computer can get internet...), so it was absolutely great to hear some fantastic news.

last year we were living with Robin, right? it was great. but this year she went to St. Petersburg. in Russia. then i found out my good friend Fred was going to exactly the same city, in Russia, with his wife Molly, for the same year. "great!" i thought. "i'll put them in touch. they can have friends." of course i never got around to it. i mean, what am i? so imagine my delight when i went to afras today, and saw kate, and she said, she'd had a wierd email from the lass Robin, saying she'd met someone who i'd sang at her wedding...

it's Sod's law at work again, isn't it? i knew deep down, if i introduced them to each other by email, they'd never get around to meeting. but it happened anyway. how did they possibly find about a mutual friend though? reminds of Jo in italy with a her childhood friend, and she said something about 'grilly' and well they realised they each knew a different grilly. wow. and the parsnip soup was well nice.

Rufus keeps sending me crytip text messages. i.e.:
New O2 Sim. Now, Inverted Within, Evilly Hidden: Names, Unseen, Lurk Acrostically.

Plays, essays, novels, and now drawings. Pen and paper estrange reality, until some established time heaven's eloquence manifests.

oh bugger, i've gone and deleted the other one. well, keep up the good work, man.

going to the AGM in a minute, purely to vote against the sports teams on every issue. fund-grabbing arseholes.




the ultimate lovely girl. she's got a boyfreind though.

here's Brooker's censored, hilarious, article.

the weekend was on the whole, lovely. i got new shoes! veggie shoes! jammed out "the girl in the kid a top" with Laurence. went to Abi & Astra's residency last night, lovely people, new heavy songs. less people than previous weeks, i thought. but it's become a bit of a scene, and i don't mind talking over the songs like i used to. but some you just can't.


not much to say.

except -
November 18th - Trail & Error launch party at 17 Kingsland road.
Doloroso, Lions & Tigers and Garden will be performing live with Simian Mobile Disco and Blasé djs - get there early at 8pm.

each of those bands contains at least one member of Simian. this is good news.