free album-geddon (edited fource)

i'm tired, as i keep telling people. lots of holiday then lots of pgce-ness.
in the midst of that, lots of good free albums have been releasified and you can download them and i can see no reason why you shouldn't instantly get them all:

i enjoyed necro deathmort's this beat is necrotonic very much while painting the corridor. a great mix of various styles of unpleasant music, works very well. instrumental doom-hop.

euros childs' son of euro child can be got by signing up to his mailing list. it's very cynical and funny and a bit reminiscant of early gorky's, which is what we all wanted.

penny sweets' barefoot at the edge and dildano's the buzzard maze are both cracking indie releases which you should already have.

drumcorps has a new mixtape online, truth and justice. lots of unreleased stuff and actual great mixing on there.

can't believe i forgot ex-strangler hugh cornwell's hoover dam, quite half man half biscuity - lots of wry lyrics and lo-fi indie songs.

and recall's marvellous trippy plotlines, former zabrinski producer doing what he's good at.

in the midst of all this race to the bottom, to the boats..! have a new album out, but it's not free. call us old fashioned... you can get it right here, which would be really flattering and delightful for you to do.


found lyrics

found when i was cleaning out my desk, which i can roughly date around august 2007:

perfume and meat

dribbles down her chin
eyes she cannot close
i thought you'd left me off the hook
you made me come back for one last look

her last lie-in
lying in state
oh what a state

as a uniform pulls over a sheet
i realise girls are made of perfume and meat.


please help the disabled

i'm glad to know -really glad- that i'm not the only person on the internet who has tried to record the 'please help the disabled, help the disabled please' guy who turns up at a random tube station every day. you never know where he'll strike next...
at least two others have tried: there's this excellent recording amongst the very great library of ambience, and:

i just put the keyboard ketteh tune as my ringtone and i can't stop playing it and bouncing along and smiling 87)