miss machine

buy it. buy the fuck out of it. i can't believe how good this album is.

on a related note, i'm going to have to start liking Rahzel, who's touring with mike patton and appearing on the new bjork record.

bought deloused in the comatorium today; i find it very reminiscant of 'six' by Mansun. the first track's great and then i got bored. maybe i was just frustrated 'cause everyone said it was great, and to me it sounds familiar.

enough posting.

i am here to fuck.

so preacher, then. great... and then he spends all of book seven as a sheriff of a texan town, taking on the boss of the local meat-packing plant. why? i know they needed to fill in 6 months of his life, but it was a total waste of time. no herr starr (the greatest character in the comic - there's something about ultra-violent, bald comic stars, no? jesse custer himself is ultra-violent, but that's just frustrating because he could just tell the people to poke themselves in the eye and check into hospital, and they would. the violence is unjustifiable).

andyhead is online!! rejoice. sadly, he seems to be suffering from "blog novelty" syndrome, where after a couple of days the inspiration dries up.. keep yer end up, mate.

wicked new mp3.

my last post got et by the ethernet, and i can't remember what it was now..
band name: "jennifer, my girlfriend." turns out narcoleprosy is already used, so back to the drawing board.

got a job today - registering freshers at salford uni. money in yer pocket.

kudos to vicky for contacting me by email, but i can't find her anywahere on line so, please luv, get in touch again.

i think that's it... anythng else will come later.


"(t-s)hurts so good..."

a story about fashion, a fabric pen, and post-irony.

before i went away, i bought a fabric pen to label laundary; it came in useless, but while writing 'dcg' illegibly, in black, on black socks, i decided to grafitize a gray t-shirt someone had given me. can't print onto gray t-shirts. so i wrote a slogan on it, except, you might remember, i dislike slogan t-shirts. so what is the only slogan a creature like me would write on a t-shirt?
hilarious! i'm a genius! i wore it round and proud. i wore it to heathrow, and staff thought it was funny. after about, ooh, five days of wear, i put it in the wash. went back to "visualise voluntary human extinction", and its ilk. when it came back from the wash, something was different about it. well, it hadn't changed. but suddenly it wasn't as funny. but then, when i realised that, it instantly became a whole room of american sit-com writers funnier. "it was funny when i bought it... and now it's not funny at all!! i kill me!". so i wore it again. now, the third time it came out of the wash, it had changed again. i looked upon it and realised i had entered the game of pricks. i was only in the same league as the people with "you're just jealous because the little voices are talking to me" t-shirts. for all my irony, i was no better. and now i'm embarresed to wear it. it sits at the top of my drawer, while every time i root underneath it for others... and soon, the next load of laundary will fall upon it, and it may be buried forever...


the chroncles of Roddick

in the far future, humanity is threatened by a maleveolent force from another galaxy. only the mercanarious super-brandeer Roddick can save us, with her over-priced hand creams and subtle beauty faschism...

honestly have you been in the body shop recently? it's like boots but everything's made out of wood, and there's no cheap stuff. that article was meant to be a lot longer, but iona desperately wants to go on the computer, and i need to get to altrincham to go big job hunting.

rant #2: the worst promotion ever.

i got home, fed the cat for the first time. a sign on the kitty kat box:
you could Win a free Odeon kids ticket!

erm.. worst promotion ever. they normally give those things away, with the redundant clause "with full paying adult". i mean a kids ticket is a couple of quid, you need to be accompanied, and there's going to be pop corn, and drinks.. you're going to make a fortune. so why restrict this by only giving away so many? at this point i saw the other clause - it's a kids ticket, at odeon, for the garfield movie. so you don't even get the choice? sad really.

new band names - bedford rascal, narcoleprosy, roddick.
new page coming soon: "101 things that automatically make you a cunt", as long as i continue using that word as a slander.

oh yeah, and indonesia was great. i' will be reading from my diary in brighton, but suffice to say, it was really quite beautiful and the people were very nice to us.

grilly out.