An Electric Storm
The White Noise: An Electric Storm

White Noise, the brainchild of Delia Derbyshire and David Vorhaus, was one of the first all-electronic groups ever, and contempories of the equally legendary Silver Apples.Their first and only true LP was one of the emerging Island Records early album releases and, along with Traffic, one of their first alternative signings (a distinct change from their blue beat fair). Whatever Island honcho Chris Blackwell saw in the demos of the sublime Firebird and symphonically psychedelic Love Without Sound (both used on the record) we shall never know, but he stumped up the cash for the pair to go back to their Kaleidophon Studio, situated opposite London psychedelic centre The RoundHouse.
Derbyshire had set the ante for purely electronic pop with her seminal recording of the original Doctor Who theme. But White Noise, and their strange blend of the Medieval and Futuristic music was to become one of Island's early best sellers and a student favourite for decades.

mmmkay... so how come alex has white noise 2?

dreapmt of kitties this morning. the shop cat from carrington's had had grandkitties and jess and i got to keep them for our new house. i was so happy.

i can't believe my guest book:
Uncle Peter Monday, 5/24/04, 7:11 AM

This, is fucking shit

From: Brighton

i've asked everyone who i know likes modern toss (i.e. thom) if this was them, but even he didn't know it was written by someone calling themselves uncle peter (R&M reference?). peter does live in brighton. i don't know how he would have found out about my website, but if it is him i'd be well flattered...

no. it's too catch-phrasey, isn't it? come on. out with it. who's having me on?

went to the greys public house on southover street last night - very nice, wood everywhere, acoustic guitars coming out of he speakers, spacious, belgian beers, good company (jess and robin boy and laurenec and beth and her friend james and i and the barswain[just what is the male form of maid?]). it was nice to spend some time at home last night as well. i've been eating rubbish though, to get these assignments in. lots of bread and veggie burgers.
monday - sandwich lunch, g-rubbs(the new, sexual, name for grubbs - i mean, what's more of a turn on than a mushroom/cheese burger?)
tuesday - nachos for lunch./pitstop on campus (another veggie burger)
wednesday - spend fiver on lunch/early tea, might have had a bag of crisps later. had a well good jam with lawrence (of conviently different spelling), who has v-drums set up in his room in east slope. for what they lose in feel (and it is very noticable) they make up for in convience and volume reduction. played around a couple of riffs i'd been messing with, had had some nice impro, but as is wont to happen, couldn't think of any songs we both new how to play. could have played "buddy holly", but i'd have had to work it out on the fly, which i could have done; maybe i was being to bolshy about the fact that he didn't know "undone: the sweater song"
thursday - cambezola & salad baguette for lunch, cheese/pickle/ketchup on toast + bowl of cereal for tea.

i mean, will someone please do some bloody shopping?

right. the PC lab is empty today, very relaxed, and for my next trick i'm going to finish my AI. so help me god.


good grief. why has no-one ever told me about this web site? googled 'ascii' (looking for porn) and this was one of the highest ones. he's been doing it since 1997, and he's got as far as "Han and Luke enter the detention block, April 20th 2003". more!

you may have noticed no mp3 or quote of the week. so... mp3 of the week.
several people have said quoteable goodness but i was always too tired/drunk/dead to remember, so just think of something witty.



well well well. found my old homestead site - three pages of quality, that don't seem to link together in any way. and my old guest book is there! so that's going on the front page. wicked.

the mono mix of gong for a pie live (with MC spitz removed) was on there as well, so browse over to the mp3 pages to listen to that, recorded about three years ago.

bless you all.


my results from a personality test:


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

one would assume i was healthy from that.

i know i don't like linking stuff that i got from b3ta, but you have to see this.
it's not really 'safe for work' but i don't know anyone who'd take offence of it. i mean, who doesn't want to see computer generated art of x-files tentacle rape?

on the subject of b3ta this week, it seems abnormally hardcore - featuring a flash video made entirely out or (cunningly used) genitals, someone removing their toenail with pliers, a japanese sex gameshow (though the link doesn't work), and the afore-mentioned "ultra scifi horror" website. but the infinite cat project is absolutely fantastic, as is the eyebrow theif.



gaia's at work again...

1. i google 'warren ellis'.

2. i look at his website.

3. i look at his blog.

4. i see a link to my brother's flatmate.

somehow, kieron also came up in conversation with a friend on my course (tom, but not that tom), who knows him from bristol, going to gigs, etc. i mean, talk about the 6 degrees of kieron gillen...

anyway, keiron's lovely and writes very well indeed, which makes for a very good read. you can spend hours on his blog and always be entertained. he also looks quite a lot like my brother, which makes trips to their place very confusing. look at his entry of 11th of may. magic.

QUOTE (ConstantineK @ May 19 2004, 06:21 AM)
kieron how come u never got editor position at pcg.....

Because I had absolutely no desire to be Editor. Too many meetings with people I want to stab through the throat and not enough time writing.

the spider jerusalem of games journalism, methinks. which explains, everything.

any yes, it's ten o'clock. yes, i'm blogging on campus when i could be down the pub or watching when harry met sally or watching a huge samba parade or pissing all over my walls or finding interesting new ways to masturbate.

and no, i didn't get any work done.

i hate it here.
errm.. this isn't the chris morris that i know and grudgingly acknowledge...



To dream of a dragon, denotes that you allow yourself to be governed
by your passions, and that you are likely to place yourself in the power
of your enemies through those outbursts of sardonic tendencies.
You should be warned by this dream to cultivate self-control.

[57] See Devil.


For farmers to dream of the devil, denotes blasted crops and death
among stock, also family sickness. Sporting people should heed
this dream as a warning to be careful of their affairs, as they are
likely to venture beyond the laws of their State. For a preacher,
this dream is undeniable proof that he is over-zealous, and should
forebear worshiping God by tongue-lashing his neighbor.

To dream of the devil as being a large, imposingly dressed person,
wearing many sparkling jewels on his body and hands, trying to
persuade you to enter his abode, warns you that unscrupulous
persons are seeking your ruin by the most ingenious flattery.
Young and innocent women, should seek the stronghold of friends after
this dream, and avoid strange attentions, especially from married men.
Women of low character, are likely to be robbed of jewels and money
by seeming strangers.

Beware of associating with the devil, even in dreams. He is always
the forerunner of despair. If you dream of being pursued by his majesty,
you will fall into snares set for you by enemies in the guise of friends.
To a lover, this denotes that he will be won away from his allegiance
by a wanton.

that's what the book said...

i used to read the onion pretty much every week. now i just browse straight to savage love.


however, the last few columns have been about this fatist/realist debate. shut up! i want to hear from people with problems worse than mine, not legions of fat people offended by the fact that dan savage thinks they're unnatractive. weep weep, mope.



right. i'm late for a seminar already, but i thought i'd better share this anecdote with you.

so i had this dream where laurenec and i killed a seven-headed dragon, after it had killed all our other friends; it was a sort of knightmare/D&D the cartoon cross over (so childhood, eh..). more gaia theory gubbins - i was on a computer at school, and thought to check the temp directory, as i am wont to do (once i found two whole depeche mode albums in there!). well would you adam and believe it, there was a dream interpretation guide - "1001 dreams and their meanings" - zipped up there! i look up dragons - it says it represents someone who has power over you, see also 'the devil'. i'm spooked now. i look up the devil...
...if you're a farmer and you dream of the devil, it means your crops will fail...
umm.. i don't know if i needed that kind of advice... apperently, if you're a woman and dream of the devil, you're going to be raped in the near future. so i decided not to listen to any of the 'information' in that text file. but maybe i just shouldn't have looked so deep.

moo hoo haha.


i'm really starting to believe in a higher (or lower, the point is it's greater than all of us) power.
but grilly, you're an athiest!
i hear you cry. well yeah, i didn't say god did i? anyway, for some reason, this power seems only interested in bringing me quality comix.

i was walking across campus today, past the book stand, and i took a passing interest as i noticed a pile of wyndham. on i continued, until a saw two reasonable piles of comix. never seen those before. 50p each the man tells me. so i look through... x-men this... superman that... the odd virtigo (looked good but i'm not going to start buying an entire series from four years ago)... and in my perusals, i come across a star wars stories comic, from dark horse. on the cover is a cheesy grab from the films of Lando Calrissian, with the strap line
"get ready for... Lando's Commandos!"
it looks fun, so in i dip, and i look at the contents page to see if there's anyone i recognise...

there's only bloody craig thompson's name, he's only gone and bloody drawn and written a story for them.

so i buy the damn thing. i haven't read it yet. it looks dead good though. yay me!

oh buy the way, on the FLCL test, i'm apperently Haruko as well. i love quizzes, but i don't want to make the are you grilly quiz proper like that... i'm happy with it being ultra-lo-fi. it would suck to make it better.

john larence finally got around to sending me his CD (about two weeks after i ordered it), and its really good - however, it's slightly bent so the last couple of tracks are unplayable. hrummph. i'll have to get on the keyboard to him today.

only other thing worth writing about is this website (in a fit of boredom i googled "jesus hates you"), and thus - Jesus Hates Stupid Homosexuals Like You.

their jokes page is quite arty as well - from anti humour,
Q: Why did the black man kill the Asian cashier in the convenience store?

A: Because black men would rather kill and steal than work.
Q: Does Jesus approve of abortions?

A: No, because it is a sin to kill a living thing.

to real funnies,
actually, i couldn't find any genuine jokes, but the sheer quantity of rubbish labled "jokes" was funny in itself, and i realise that's the point.

to pointy sharp points,
Q: Why don't Iraqi Prisoners ever talk back?

A: Because if they do, they'll get killed.

at times i laughed and at others i got bored. how they're not first on google for justifiable homocide, i'll never know (until laurenec tells me).

blub blub blub.


Blair hit during Commons protest

A major review of security is under way after a condom full of purple flour was thrown at Tony Blair as he faced MPs in the House of Commons.

Home Secretary David Blunkett said a security review had already been launched at Westminster after recent breaches at Buckingham Palace.

The security services will bring forward recommendations "very quickly indeed", but it could mean there will be more restrictions on access to Parliament, he said.

"Thank God it has not led to danger and fatality," Mr Blunkett added.

that would be quote of the week, but it can't wait. i mean, fuffuck's hake. i thought condoms saved lives, blunkkettttt.


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holy bloody fuck.

lets just say 'not mp3s of the week'.

listen to the future.

and what the fuck is this? she claims to be - "intact and sane"... the inverse "i'm mad, me" effect, i believe. anyway, kudos to her for knocking up a very detailed site.

Sarah Jane was very fond of a man called Andrew in Trowbridge. She never kissed him.


josh showed me the way to these. he apologises for the terribleness of his own website too.

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quote of the week: "the point is, you're a fool." erm... unicron. it's been a slow week.
mp3 of the week: don't "save target as..."
---------------------anybody who wants a save-able track should go here.

link link link: barney's rather good random headline generator (with pix)

i'm fine. how are you? there are two (genuinly) new jokes on the jokes page (click on the nose) - i'm not going to patronise you by putting a link there. navigate!
i'm really disappointed by the new lumakick. laurenec seems to love it but i think it's really forced. it goes like this: issue one was copyrighted a year and a half ago: it was minimalistic, dreamy, and touching. this issue, copyrighted march (i think) is so weak by comparison. there's a couple of 'wow'-ish moments but the minimalism just seems meaningless. it goes to show, i s'pose, that there are differences of quality in minimalism which i didn't know existed before; i thought that if you don't put much on a page, people will like it because there's not much to dislike, and they'll over-interpret what is there, which then makes them like it even more because the meaning is so personal to them. i feel it is forced because he seems to be treading the same ground that he did last time, without any of the enjoyment. i can't remember any of it off hand, except "the xxxxxxx professor lee", which was just a list of things that prof lee is doing, with accompanying pictures. did i miss something or was it just completely meaningless? £3.60 badly spent.

he said on his blog:
as i was drawing crowquill concentric rings just now, it occurs to me that being in a certain place emotionally is like being in a certain place geographically. getting from here to there requires some sort of transportation

Posted by r at April 29, 2004 02:02 PM

i really liked that.

and then:
April 29, 2004
"squarepusher" over "ink stud" over "cartoonist" over "comic book artist" over "graphic novelist"

whom i saw at irving plaza last night. such cool lighting effects and girls girls girls, but not for me

Posted by r at April 29, 2004 04:21 PM

if you like girls girls girls, go to

Posted by: grilly at May 18, 2004 09:30 AM

i hope he gets what i mean ;+)



IMPORTANT: the date of Mungg at east slope bar has had to be changed to wednesday the 2nd of june, due to a beureaucratic cock-up. i had a phone call yesterday morning from sue perkins to this effect, so please update you diaries accordingly.


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re: pork farm cheese and onion pies: as unlikely as it might sound, these are suitable for vegetarians. i don't normally eat them because they are quite clearly made by people who "farm pork" - as if it's a crop that just needs to be harvested.

the idea of people harvesting poor piggies makes me feel sick.


edit: btw, now works from none-IE browsers. thanks to barney for pointing out the flaw in my html - forward slash good, backslash bad. *x*
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"There can be other things in the hair, which are not lice." oooh, spooooky - like 'men who are not men' (biblical, conspiracy theory, and indiana jones and the fate of atlantis reference)

i just sat down and found a small green bug on my finger. "arrgggh! nits!". then it flew on to my other hand. "hang on", i thought, "can nits fly?"

no. nits are empty white egg shells. head lice on the other hand... also cannot fly. it wasn't anything from my head. *phew*. this leaflet should be read by anyone of you concerned about rachel and her crap hygine skills. she thought she had nits, and then she washed her hair and realised she was actually just skanky.

"Similarly, they infest long hair as well as short hair, although it is possible short hair may make it easier for the lice to get from one head to another." yes my brothers! long hair is the way forward!

cool. i've got a program to write.

g out.xx


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"- Amaranth Recordings is a new record label born from an idea of A&R Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath's guitar player), and Aural Music (code666), responsable for Marketing and Production. The Label will work with post-rock, electronic, trip-hop, post-hardcore and dark wave artists:"The word "amaranth" beyond to being a clear callback to the Ephel Duath's album "The Painter's Palette", efficaciously encloses the concept that lives behind this label: "amaranth" comes from the ancient Greek, is the substantivized present participle of the verb "amaraino", it means "not to wither, to be durable". The connection is simple: to produce music that goes out from the actual consumerism and standardization being something that last in the time, something than does not wither." Davide Tiso. - Contacts: Davide Tiso - Amaranth Recordings - P.O. Box 452 - 30100 Venezia Centro - (Italy) - -"

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people on who suck and should be killed*:
this girl,
this girl,
this one (i love the response to 'want (more) children?': "ask me later"

aw, they haven't approved my profile yet. it's shit, i only did it to waste time on this programming assignment. oh, that's why i'm on campus... righty ho.

more soonxxx

edit: *only because everyone should be killed
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woohoo! woo-the-fuck-hoo! i'm number two on google!
now all i have to do is beat Julie Langham Grilly to be top of the list. lets face it, my site is better...

it's hard to write about things that aren't me. where did my wit go?
the last track of colourmap's demo is up on there download page. i've downloaded their stuff pretty often (its easier than putting the cd in the drive at uni), so this comment on the news page...

7th May 04

Thank you to all those downloading the taster tracks in the download section, by the ammount of band width used today by the web sight it would appear that there have been a fair few downloading them.. or just one person downloading them over and over!?! -Luke

... does stand up to scrutiny. sorry luke!

i've been looking for personal ads on the internet to use on the forthcoming gallow slutt homepage.. you wouldn't believe the amount that only let you search for men or women (ie, not both). check out -
to truncate a novel, the top 6 sites ranking for "personals" on google have made a deliberate decision to make life harder for bisexuals. the first one to offer "man or woman" is boston (!?!). now all we need is a "transgender" option...

(see i can write about other things)

bit pissed off that there's no "none" option on the fashion menu on yahoo personals which i'm browsing.


something feintly beautiful - in it's own little way - and blogworthy just happened. netting here before my seminar (as i still am) and felt the pangs of hunger (or lack of comfort food). but i only had one pound and 35p! can you eat for that on campus? well, i can. after deliberation, i remembered the baguette bar often sells off surplus stock at this time. on the way there, someone was putting up a "resist globablisation" poster, promoting an event at the crowley club. but the baguette bar hadn't sold enough stock to warrant cheapifying (how does that work? did economics just get inverted?) so i got a pork farms cheese pie (says cheese and onion but it's clearly not). more influence from laurenec's direction. and do you know, it wasn't bad, and cost 1.29, almost exactly what i had to spend! now i'm hungrier. but on the way back here, i noticed a cleaner carefully removing traces of the poster the anarchist had put up only minutes before. it rounded off the journey nicely. i bet the cleaner, by the looks of it, could do with a bit of global resistance too.

and that's jazz.
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first things first:

mp3 of the week: you guys are gonna fucken love me. for more, go here, click on releases then sonic dragolgo. i'm still collecting his, obviously hard to get hold of, set of seven seven inches, so keep an eye out for them guys.

quote of the week: "...they offered drugs, and she said no because she was christian, and they said she couldn't be because she wasn't a hippocrate! isn't it wonderful that she's out there, witnessing for jesus?" the right honourable jo kelly, quoting her father, talking about her sister.

rachel (whose finger is getting so rank) thinks she might have nits again; this obviously leads me to think i have nits (as soon as someone says it, the itching starts, little bugs start budding out of your follicles...). but sitting here now, my head is really itchy. so stay away from me everyone who values their hair. just now she broke into the informatics lab (fuck, they'll let anyone in here these days): she'd had an email saying she's not been attending enough classes. murgh.

new ghost in the shell next month! but just look at that URL.

so yes, jo came down this weekend at long last, and a very lovely time we had and all (this weekend is mirrorred). laurenec and i took her to grubbs (i had a custom "original with chilli" - super original!), his room, and home. young mr kelly turned up as well, and it was very nice to meet him. white hot chocolate from the end of the laines cafe was literally like drinking custard, but i had a dark one an esspresso in, which the man said he'd never made before. so let this be the weekend of great custom consumables. jo read Blankets by craig thompson in one mammoth sitting (it's a bloody big book, just shy of 600 pages). i'm glad she connected with it as i thought she would.

woo yay


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rockaga!check out these chart placings!
main genres:
grilly's christmas song:
· #502 in the Pop charts
· #161 in the Pop Rock sub charts

the wild rover:
· #707 in the Acoustic charts
· #50 in the Folk sub charts

shit (simple mix):
· #616 in the World charts
· #74 in the World General sub charts

love (try to relax remix):
· #822 in the Alternative charts
· #170 in the Indie sub charts"

number 50 in the folk charts! woo yay!

just uploaded 200megs of steely dan onto my mp3 player. that's some good danage.
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erm...johnny...erm...its grilly again...erm yes i have blogged twice today there was just so much i wanted to say. erm.
my plan to kill off the sussex uni officials on high until they pass me on my exams automatically and give me a free lunch is working! almost got alasdair with a frisbee today. guffaw.
i have recently started experiemnting with the length of time i can go wearing the same t-shirt. luckily it is well ventilated thanks to an old stab hole. huzzah.
well erm now im gonna go dress up as a charcter from pacman and run around brighton
bye mate!
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yes! i had the best Ads By Google ever!! for some reason it came up with "related searches: shed seven". who can tell what the google beast is thinking?

too many good mp3s this week, so i'll have to start dishing them out now.

gorky's have put two children's ballads on their front page, which are both really gorgeous.
on the forums, ellis has done a couple of pretty good bootlegs.#
and the "hey hey 16k" guy - mj hibbert - has loads of really good real-world songs, about programming = poetry, rebranded lost luggage depot's and other genius folk songs. explore him, then buy his cds so i don't have to.

today i got a lovely email from john lawrence, ex gorky's - "

Having a bit of a problem with the studio at the moment, hoping to get the compilation out soon, and also working on another chimps album.

Planting trees and growing veg

All the best

i bought his Nant Y Benglog album and pondman's (gorwel & fiona owen) record in between, as well as a couple of release from irrksome records. i think the apt name is a "habit".




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i was very angry when i got home last night.

"alright. so a big fucking piss the fuck off to the twat who stole my bike pump, which means my valve tyres are now as flat as a graph of y = 0. and a fucking huge 'go fuck yourself' to the mega-twat who went through my coat pockets and took my bike lights. you bike-based theivery cunts."

in retrospect, the lights could have just fallen out of my pocket when i put the coat on the floor, but i find that quite unlikely. i'll have to ring them up and check.

so last night the ineffable thom and i went to see mclusky. a quick(ish) review follows, based upon my scribblings when i got back.

father of boon
wow. i felt like when i first saw zabrinski (the only time, since i missed their co-headlining tour with superfurryanimals, grrr).so many people, all playing such good notes, an all on different instruments (inc. a saxophone), and the front line of four people all had microphones. and the synth-player (and it was a synth) had a spare drumkit set up. and the music was infectious, loony pop, and i looked upon it and saw that it was good.

the mutts.
oh. couldn't have had a worse contrast. the mutts can fuck right off. see my last proper post about people with confidence and no talent; although it occurs to me that maybe self-confidence is talent, like when wilde said that beauty was the greatest talent (well, a character in dorian gray says it, but i can imagine that dangerous fop having the same opinion). anyway, they were too loud as well and it started to hurt, especially since they were so shit. they can take their garage pigeonhole and keep it. they didn't have any songs. they didn't have speed. what they did have was a guitarist who churned the same pentatonic dirge out i do some days, only i don't think it's good enough to play to other people. they had a singer who had long hair, a blank white t-shirt and a posture that only reminded me of the "where's my washboard?" character from the fast show. i quite liked the drummer, who seemed to be having quite a good time. i should write more about bands i like i guess.

your codename is: milo
i found these guys very likeable indeed, and reminded me of grandaddy in that they were a five piece with only one microphone. well actually the 'daddy have two (or more) but the point is it's clear whose band this is - the little guy at the front with the unbranded baseball cap. they were playing quite good emo-core, slightly poppy to boot. are three guitarists necessary? doesn't matter if that's who you are and what you do. so they were quite nice.

and then, well, it was mclusky, wasn't it? they opened with the only song of theirs i knew - lightsabre cocksucking blues storming. they were forking great. had a good dance - girls dancing in front of me reminded of the women in the lucky money club in deus ex. i liked that. so out of reach. i was knackered, and kept wanting them to finish, but i was always really glad when they didn't. and then they played "my god is bigger than your god", i think it's called. i remember hearing that song on peel ages ago (who the guitarist, incidentally, looks like) and liking it very much indeed, not knowing it was them. the fact that this puts a limit on the number of gear bands in britain at the moment i find dis-heartening. but at the same time, it'll probably help me claw my way to the top X-).

that was it.

there's more mp3s now available from colourmap. you can listen to them.
thom got me very excited by talking about his forthcoming ambient-grind record (to be available from gallow slutt software) - i'll put a page together for that very soon.



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verticle bacon sandwich.
that's all i'm saying.
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quote of the week: "grab life by the love handles and FUCK IT". me.
followed by robin boy's comment about blair: "if you had a car that didn't have a reverse gear, it would be a SHIT CAR!"
mp3 of the week - hypercool indie rock

this weekend... bugger. think i'll just 'read' jess's blogg instead.