gaia's at work again...

1. i google 'warren ellis'.

2. i look at his website.

3. i look at his blog.

4. i see a link to my brother's flatmate.

somehow, kieron also came up in conversation with a friend on my course (tom, but not that tom), who knows him from bristol, going to gigs, etc. i mean, talk about the 6 degrees of kieron gillen...

anyway, keiron's lovely and writes very well indeed, which makes for a very good read. you can spend hours on his blog and always be entertained. he also looks quite a lot like my brother, which makes trips to their place very confusing. look at his entry of 11th of may. magic.

QUOTE (ConstantineK @ May 19 2004, 06:21 AM)
kieron how come u never got editor position at pcg.....

Because I had absolutely no desire to be Editor. Too many meetings with people I want to stab through the throat and not enough time writing.

the spider jerusalem of games journalism, methinks. which explains, everything.

any yes, it's ten o'clock. yes, i'm blogging on campus when i could be down the pub or watching when harry met sally or watching a huge samba parade or pissing all over my walls or finding interesting new ways to masturbate.

and no, i didn't get any work done.

i hate it here.
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