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"- Amaranth Recordings is a new record label born from an idea of A&R Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath's guitar player), and Aural Music (code666), responsable for Marketing and Production. The Label will work with post-rock, electronic, trip-hop, post-hardcore and dark wave artists:"The word "amaranth" beyond to being a clear callback to the Ephel Duath's album "The Painter's Palette", efficaciously encloses the concept that lives behind this label: "amaranth" comes from the ancient Greek, is the substantivized present participle of the verb "amaraino", it means "not to wither, to be durable". The connection is simple: to produce music that goes out from the actual consumerism and standardization being something that last in the time, something than does not wither." Davide Tiso. - Contacts: Davide Tiso - Amaranth Recordings - P.O. Box 452 - 30100 Venezia Centro - (Italy) - -"

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