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first things first:

mp3 of the week: you guys are gonna fucken love me. for more, go here, click on releases then sonic dragolgo. i'm still collecting his, obviously hard to get hold of, set of seven seven inches, so keep an eye out for them guys.

quote of the week: "...they offered drugs, and she said no because she was christian, and they said she couldn't be because she wasn't a hippocrate! isn't it wonderful that she's out there, witnessing for jesus?" the right honourable jo kelly, quoting her father, talking about her sister.

rachel (whose finger is getting so rank) thinks she might have nits again; this obviously leads me to think i have nits (as soon as someone says it, the itching starts, little bugs start budding out of your follicles...). but sitting here now, my head is really itchy. so stay away from me everyone who values their hair. just now she broke into the informatics lab (fuck, they'll let anyone in here these days): she'd had an email saying she's not been attending enough classes. murgh.

new ghost in the shell next month! but just look at that URL.

so yes, jo came down this weekend at long last, and a very lovely time we had and all (this weekend is mirrorred). laurenec and i took her to grubbs (i had a custom "original with chilli" - super original!), his room, and home. young mr kelly turned up as well, and it was very nice to meet him. white hot chocolate from the end of the laines cafe was literally like drinking custard, but i had a dark one an esspresso in, which the man said he'd never made before. so let this be the weekend of great custom consumables. jo read Blankets by craig thompson in one mammoth sitting (it's a bloody big book, just shy of 600 pages). i'm glad she connected with it as i thought she would.

woo yay
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