john larence finally got around to sending me his CD (about two weeks after i ordered it), and its really good - however, it's slightly bent so the last couple of tracks are unplayable. hrummph. i'll have to get on the keyboard to him today.

only other thing worth writing about is this website (in a fit of boredom i googled "jesus hates you"), and thus - Jesus Hates Stupid Homosexuals Like You.

their jokes page is quite arty as well - from anti humour,
Q: Why did the black man kill the Asian cashier in the convenience store?

A: Because black men would rather kill and steal than work.
Q: Does Jesus approve of abortions?

A: No, because it is a sin to kill a living thing.

to real funnies,
actually, i couldn't find any genuine jokes, but the sheer quantity of rubbish labled "jokes" was funny in itself, and i realise that's the point.

to pointy sharp points,
Q: Why don't Iraqi Prisoners ever talk back?

A: Because if they do, they'll get killed.

at times i laughed and at others i got bored. how they're not first on google for justifiable homocide, i'll never know (until laurenec tells me).

blub blub blub.
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