i can't believe my guest book:
Uncle Peter Monday, 5/24/04, 7:11 AM

This, is fucking shit

From: Brighton

i've asked everyone who i know likes modern toss (i.e. thom) if this was them, but even he didn't know it was written by someone calling themselves uncle peter (R&M reference?). peter does live in brighton. i don't know how he would have found out about my website, but if it is him i'd be well flattered...

no. it's too catch-phrasey, isn't it? come on. out with it. who's having me on?

went to the greys public house on southover street last night - very nice, wood everywhere, acoustic guitars coming out of he speakers, spacious, belgian beers, good company (jess and robin boy and laurenec and beth and her friend james and i and the barswain[just what is the male form of maid?]). it was nice to spend some time at home last night as well. i've been eating rubbish though, to get these assignments in. lots of bread and veggie burgers.
monday - sandwich lunch, g-rubbs(the new, sexual, name for grubbs - i mean, what's more of a turn on than a mushroom/cheese burger?)
tuesday - nachos for lunch./pitstop on campus (another veggie burger)
wednesday - spend fiver on lunch/early tea, might have had a bag of crisps later. had a well good jam with lawrence (of conviently different spelling), who has v-drums set up in his room in east slope. for what they lose in feel (and it is very noticable) they make up for in convience and volume reduction. played around a couple of riffs i'd been messing with, had had some nice impro, but as is wont to happen, couldn't think of any songs we both new how to play. could have played "buddy holly", but i'd have had to work it out on the fly, which i could have done; maybe i was being to bolshy about the fact that he didn't know "undone: the sweater song"
thursday - cambezola & salad baguette for lunch, cheese/pickle/ketchup on toast + bowl of cereal for tea.

i mean, will someone please do some bloody shopping?

right. the PC lab is empty today, very relaxed, and for my next trick i'm going to finish my AI. so help me god.
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