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quote of the week: "the point is, you're a fool." erm... unicron. it's been a slow week.
mp3 of the week: don't "save target as..."
---------------------anybody who wants a save-able track should go here.

link link link: barney's rather good random headline generator (with pix)

i'm fine. how are you? there are two (genuinly) new jokes on the jokes page (click on the nose) - i'm not going to patronise you by putting a link there. navigate!
i'm really disappointed by the new lumakick. laurenec seems to love it but i think it's really forced. it goes like this: issue one was copyrighted a year and a half ago: it was minimalistic, dreamy, and touching. this issue, copyrighted march (i think) is so weak by comparison. there's a couple of 'wow'-ish moments but the minimalism just seems meaningless. it goes to show, i s'pose, that there are differences of quality in minimalism which i didn't know existed before; i thought that if you don't put much on a page, people will like it because there's not much to dislike, and they'll over-interpret what is there, which then makes them like it even more because the meaning is so personal to them. i feel it is forced because he seems to be treading the same ground that he did last time, without any of the enjoyment. i can't remember any of it off hand, except "the xxxxxxx professor lee", which was just a list of things that prof lee is doing, with accompanying pictures. did i miss something or was it just completely meaningless? £3.60 badly spent.

he said on his blog:
as i was drawing crowquill concentric rings just now, it occurs to me that being in a certain place emotionally is like being in a certain place geographically. getting from here to there requires some sort of transportation

Posted by r at April 29, 2004 02:02 PM

i really liked that.

and then:
April 29, 2004
"squarepusher" over "ink stud" over "cartoonist" over "comic book artist" over "graphic novelist"

whom i saw at irving plaza last night. such cool lighting effects and girls girls girls, but not for me

Posted by r at April 29, 2004 04:21 PM

if you like girls girls girls, go to http://www.ggg.kefranski.com.

Posted by: grilly at May 18, 2004 09:30 AM

i hope he gets what i mean ;+)

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