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woohoo! woo-the-fuck-hoo! i'm number two on google!
now all i have to do is beat Julie Langham Grilly to be top of the list. lets face it, my site is better...

it's hard to write about things that aren't me. where did my wit go?
the last track of colourmap's demo is up on there download page. i've downloaded their stuff pretty often (its easier than putting the cd in the drive at uni), so this comment on the news page...

7th May 04

Thank you to all those downloading the taster tracks in the download section, by the ammount of band width used today by the web sight it would appear that there have been a fair few downloading them.. or just one person downloading them over and over!?! -Luke

... does stand up to scrutiny. sorry luke!

i've been looking for personal ads on the internet to use on the forthcoming gallow slutt homepage.. you wouldn't believe the amount that only let you search for men or women (ie, not both). check out -
to truncate a novel, the top 6 sites ranking for "personals" on google have made a deliberate decision to make life harder for bisexuals. the first one to offer "man or woman" is boston (!?!). now all we need is a "transgender" option...

(see i can write about other things)

bit pissed off that there's no "none" option on the fashion menu on yahoo personals which i'm browsing.
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