the splurge

books and cds bought since october 5th with bursaries and grants:

choosing death: a history of grindcore and death metal
bad science (again - i gave shell my former copy)
the tiger that isn't: seeing through a world of numbers
this is your brain on music
bonobo: the forgotten ape
mathematics minus fear
the elephant in the classroom
dodgem logic issue one (with free cd)
the filth

genghis tron: board up the house
genghis tron: cloak of love
very impressive.
various: early morning hush
fantastic epic 70s nether-folk compilation
parched: arc
davide tiso out of ephel duath and the erlando belochi who made their remix album do ambient guitar jamming
john lawrence: rainy night
formy gorkys chap in a neil young mood.
various: choosing death soundtrack
not arrived yet, but 80s deathgrind.
various: earache artists at the bbc
a fantastic document of deathgrind peel sessions.

looking back on that, you know, i think i might have just gone a bit far.


spotting a patton

back when i started this blog in, oh, 2004, i tried to run a little 'mp3 of the week' thing. and i've noticed that these days, what with the internets being on all the time, people don't really put up individual mp3s to download anymore; they put them up to stream all over the place, sure, but not as a file. what's interesting is that music is downloadable, both as podcasts and complete albums. i'll go one further; i reckon that in the last few months, i've downloaded a free album onaverage once a week.

that includes label samplers as well as 'real' albums, of course, but the real albums are pretty damn real. the point is: i used to do 'free mp3 of the week'. now, if i wanted, i could happily do 'free album of the week'.

i was inspired to write this post after discovering the shizit (well half of them anyway) have put out a new album. i was going to say how having downloaded it, it seemed a bit old fashioned now, a bit post-slipknot in the age of genghis tron and drumcorps.

and i need to say i'm still buying cds, in fact i've just splurged on quite a few having got money again.

and i need to say genghis tron are fantastic, and their first e.p. is just a wilfully genre hopping sound mashup that doesn't really go as far as making actual songs as much as an excuse to try and shock you, structured only in it's attempts to defy your expectations, whereas there latest is real, pure, structured goodness.

and i need to say i don't know if the above comparison of metal-tronica bands is over absolute developments in music or just developments of my tast.

but i don't have time. i'm too busy.


the sad fact of the matter

...the sad fact of the matter is, whenever i hear someone say 'the twin towers' i think they mean the twin towers of minas morgul and minas tirith, and the really sad fact of the matter is that those aren't even 'the two towers' that the title of the book refers to, which is barad-dur and orthanc (or minas morgul and orthanc, tolkein gave both). and even that's not getting to the true sad fact of the matter...

why teach?