the splurge

books and cds bought since october 5th with bursaries and grants:

choosing death: a history of grindcore and death metal
bad science (again - i gave shell my former copy)
the tiger that isn't: seeing through a world of numbers
this is your brain on music
bonobo: the forgotten ape
mathematics minus fear
the elephant in the classroom
dodgem logic issue one (with free cd)
the filth

genghis tron: board up the house
genghis tron: cloak of love
very impressive.
various: early morning hush
fantastic epic 70s nether-folk compilation
parched: arc
davide tiso out of ephel duath and the erlando belochi who made their remix album do ambient guitar jamming
john lawrence: rainy night
formy gorkys chap in a neil young mood.
various: choosing death soundtrack
not arrived yet, but 80s deathgrind.
various: earache artists at the bbc
a fantastic document of deathgrind peel sessions.

looking back on that, you know, i think i might have just gone a bit far.
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