dj carrott and mc stick

well, that must have been the first time it felt good to finish a job. there's usually somesort of resentment or fear of uncertainty... well, uncertainty of the future coupled with the definite knowledge that the next few weeks will entail poverty. but after working this contract for a full year, loathing every envelope i sealed (well not quite but ykwim), spending two hours a day schlepping this way and that, i'm honestly, so glad i've finished. the last couple of weeks have been so positive for the next few months. i'm really looking forward to everything.

today i had an interview for kid's city that was really nice and friendly and passed. i've got a weekend of training. i totally balked at the 'teamwork' question - it was a real (and obvious) interview question, and i bombed. 'erm. teamwork. yeeees. that is important'.

basically it works like this:
i've got an interview for my pgce on july 15th.
they're probably going to want me to do a maths enhancement course because apparently my degree wasn't mathsy enough. who knew?
the enhancement course runs january to july 2009, i'd start the pgce in september and finish in 2010. 2010! that's how far ahead we're thinking here. i'll be 28, which is ok because i keep thinking i'm 27 for some reason. maybe it's because i'm thinking of the future a lot.

so given that, if i don't pass this interview (do you talk about interviews in terms of pass/fail?) i reapply instantly for 2009 entry, get in, because of my awesome experience with children at kid's city, maths enhancement, experience of teaching assistantry, and early (rather than late, like this year), i will be well in there. it's a win-win situation (with a little extra win on the side, on the offchance i get in this year). brilliant.