1 in 5 parents refuse daughters' cervical cancer jab | Society | The Guardian

1 in 5 parents refuse daughters' cervical cancer jab | Society | The Guardian: "some may have concerns that allowing vaccination may promote promiscuity, because the cancer-causing virus which the vaccination targets is passed on in sexual intercourse."

if the only reason you're not having sex is because you're afraid of catching cancer - or rather, you won't immunise you's daughter so that she's afraid of having sex because she might catch cancer - then there's something seriously wrong with you and i think you've proved yourself undeserving of the right to an opinion or anything else, except education. which is a duty anyway.

or, perhaps:
parents who decide to not have their children immunised should be charged with child abuse.

how economics is understood by the lay-person

'those charan fruit, they've gone up to 99p. mind, they didn't have many, 'cause they probably knew they wouldn't sell very much at that price.'


that's what i was trying to say

It's no coincidence that I chose to follow-up last week's New Cult Canon entry Primer with a look at Pi, because the two films have an awful lot in common. They were both shot on 16mm instead of video, despite having budgets ($7,000 for Primer, $60,000 for Pi) that would seem to forbid the expense of film stock. In the face of expensive space adventures passed off as science fiction, both demonstrate that sci-fi can be a genre of ideas, too, and that those ideas can be left to ferment in peoples' minds for next-to-nothing.

how to admit you're rubbish completely

WELCOME TO THE CRUCIAL MUSIC CLUB: "You will need to bring your own crowd as we have very little passing trade and other acts have their own fans who will probably not stay to see you"

unintentional goatse: the solicititors


american apparell being dicks again

american apparell 'added that the company sometimes used billboards "for non-commercial social and political commentary."'
the great thing about woody allen is that you can't help reading the phrase "especially egregious and damaging because Allen does not engage in the commercial endorsement of products or services in the United States" without using 'his' voice.