today's letter is 'B'

i think highlight of last week might have been dancing with anna in the fabulous Bell pub in bath, to a rather excellent jazz/blues band - very 50's, very technical, very good. on the way home we stopped in to continue dancing in a pub that had lots of reeally ruff jamai-core and other people dancing in, for a couple of minutes.

however, in a wonderful move, the berzerker has seen sense and put his pre-earche gabba eps on line - you can find this sick shit here nice to see his work defined as @death-core@. tried to go home today but leaving bath when i did i would have had to be picked in a round trip of nearly two hours for mes parents gone nine, so i came back to dann's in Baff. my worst travel experiance ever? leaving rachel's in Brummygham at about half five i think, got to New Street just past a train about ten past six. made it to my Brighton bed gone two in the morning. ah, memories..
the past is the only dead thing that smells sweet.

i'm going soon, this might be my last blog until i come back to the normal world. i've nearly got everything i need to go away with. so thanks for reading, i love you, i'll see you soon.

p.s. this page actually looks normal in mozilla. but laurenec's doesn't. hmmm.
i want that book back.

it's official!!

i can - "proceed to the next year". in ecsaticism, i went to the pub,
and a pint and chips and read the joy of yiddish. there's a funny story
attached to finding that book at home, which i won't go into here.
but grilly, that's what this website is for!
but it's the way i tell it...

stayed with anna wednesday night. she's helping make a set of UV paintings for use in a psy-trance club night. we talked at legnth about one she had made, beautiful and monochrome, that she didn't want to give away; i talked her round i think. reminded me of dorian gray: "i have put too much of myself into it." there were three good points that i made... what were they? 1, it doesn't really matter; 2, it's nice that it'll be appreciated by hundreds of revellers, and at home it's too large to not be in the way; 3, can't remember. was there a third even? she has all these lovely people putting everything together in such a nice atmosphere.

fred's wedding was lovely. they had a handfasting - very traditional, but not
the usual tradition. they held hands, which were tied for a couple of
minutes, they said some silent vows, then they were (physically) untied
and we pelted them with rose petals. i played some songs - tried to
stick to the classics, because that's what people wanted -
going for a pie
24 hour garage people
in the garage
a sad attempt at ideoteque (during which someone started drumming, and carried on till the end of the set, which was of course...)
christmas song, with anna

i didn't want to play too many TotF songs.
was so good. the weather played it safe, the company was great, the
look on their faces, how they complement each other... a good wedding,
all things considered. yes, it was top to see owen, and dale, and cara, and definately fred, and others i won't go into here.
look it was great. soon...


"Go home and be a family man!" takes a holiday

well, my long-awaited next album has hit the shelves again, and not just because i don't know when i'll have time/inspiration to do it; the feature-legnth record (k, the definition of a feature-length film is one that is longer than 55 minutes, so the adage doesn't stretch to albums. you don't need to point this out to me!), to include the songs "the girl in the kid A top" (to feature drums and bass by thom ash [is that ok?]) and "new boyfriend", which have both existed fully formed in my head for about two years (if only there was an easier way to get them out) has been put back a release. yes, i have a project i wish to complete first. let me tell you about it.

before i came home this summer, i burnt off 3 copies of a cd of almost all the tunes i'd done in brighton on the computer, and gave them to people i wanted to hear them and maybe play with - Thom, Laurence, and Andyhead. it had thirty-two tracks - enough to pick filler material from for loads of releases. then, just the other day, it struck me. i was looking through a pc format dan had just sent me... what is special about the number 32? think back about ten years, for a second.

D00M II.

32 levels, each with a "par time". all i have to do is make each tune the length of a appropriate doom II level, et voila! instant concept, double album. 95 minutes. cd1 - the spaceport and the city. cd2 - HELL (and secret levels). songs can range from 30 seconds to seven minutes. i'm so exited. the best part is, i don't have to do that much work, just stretch the tunes to fit around the par times, and i get to use all those chunky great songs that would otherwaise never see the light of day - AND i get to use a pretentious "inspiration" for my "cycle" of music. could make a ballet, or an opera, out of it. see? great.



what do you call a vacant Irishman? an Eire head!


i've been compiling an album of the best narrated songs, and it's looking good. i could have filled a short songs one, but what's the point now? i already made Andyhead the "post-acopulatic sci-fi" mini-disk, which, marred by a lack of cross fader, cobbled together a variety of wierd, unsettling songs, and between-track squiggles and atmospheres (such as the end of one armed scissor). i seem to remember that had thirty-odd tracks on. so this one looks great - bands include tinderstix, pulp, the bonzos, the biscuit, the 'head, the faith, and amany others, without giving too much away.

i am looking forward to going away. no really, i am. i got back to the farm and thought, "sheesh.. why would i want to go anywhere else?" especially a place where you have to 'respect their culture'. *Honestly*. damn it Jim, i'm an interloper, not a cultural ambassador! and if i am a cultural ambassador (which i understand i am), why do i have to respect their culture? i should be practising mine to the full effect. if they get offended, good - the truth hurts.

quote of the week -
shut up, Lee's half Paki!
sometime after which we stopped falling about laughing and had to explain irony again. which was gay. and even i've gone off saying 'gay'. i go through phases i guess.

i'm not taking condoms. i'd rather turn down someone on the basis of not having protection, than have to bring back
a full carton of unused rubber. I thought i'd flatter myself by considering this choice. off to have lunch and buy expensive holiday crap, then early evening drinks withsome of the crew. good luck everyone!


terminated conversation of the week:

uncle alan: are you into football at all, david?

me: no.

uncle alan: ...

me: .,...

uncle alan:


the wedding was great. *lovely*. even Tim's [drunken] speech {that went on too long (and involved calling Michelle's family 'anal')} was terribly moving. but all the crying was a bit rediculous. we had a klezma band! and they rocked so hard. and they were all lovely girls... *sigh*. the party went on as long as it could.

then this week involved watching the princess bride with rachel at last [though we'll never finish Willow 87(]. best film ever. every other line is a fantastic quote. i been becoming dangerously close to eating three veggie burgers in as many days (steered towards falafel instead today), and sorting my life out, which i haven't actually done. +never mind, eh?+ won't take long to pack up and do my share of the house. all it needs is a little concentration

what happened to Departure Lounge? went along with Laurenec and Aimee, and it was just a bunch of people watching football. that doesn't seem very Japanese to me! we went to fringe bar instead at that point, Robin boy turned up and they all talked about Glastonbury. wankers.
what else...
bought some smokes and a bottle of whiskey, with the intention of being a proper rock star and recording a whole album while doing all of the stuff i needed to. what did i achicheve? one song. one lousy song with a crap vocal and two guitar lines. rubbish! if anyone wants a bottle of whiskey (a blend of islays, diluted of course) and the very best part of a pack of amber leaf (which i've realised i hate) then please phone me. phone me anyway, it'd be nice to hear from you.


edit: this week's Onion is right on target. very good read indeed.

edit 2: i got this from
FHM magazine surveyed 100,000 people online for their best album album of the past decade. Radiohead's OK Computer came in 6th. Here's the full list:

1 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
2 Oasis - (What`s the Story) Morning Glory
3 Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
4 U2- All that You Can`t Leave Behind
5 Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
6 Radiohead - OK Computer
7 Coldplay - Parachutes
8 Prodigy - Fat of the Land
9 Blur - Parklife
10 The Verve- Urban Hymns

U2 were also voted the best band of the past decade in the survey by FHM magazine, followed by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Oasis and Coldplay.

The Matrix (1999), starring Keanu Reeves, was voted the best film of the decade, followed by the last in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Return of the King, Quentin Tarantino`s Pulp Fiction (1994), The Shawshank Redemption (1994) and Fight Club (1999).

FHM surveyed 100,000 people online.
so now you no, you meet someone, and they talk at you about nothing so much as the matrix, californication, and Ubleeding2, you need not talk to them any longer (so it doesn't really tell us anything, then).

interesting that Fight Club - possibly the most anti-FHM film i can think of (except punchdrunk love) rates in there. do people just like the fighting? like the quote "everyone copies Gang of Four's guitar sound, but no-one copies their politics." can't remember who said it though.