"Go home and be a family man!" takes a holiday

well, my long-awaited next album has hit the shelves again, and not just because i don't know when i'll have time/inspiration to do it; the feature-legnth record (k, the definition of a feature-length film is one that is longer than 55 minutes, so the adage doesn't stretch to albums. you don't need to point this out to me!), to include the songs "the girl in the kid A top" (to feature drums and bass by thom ash [is that ok?]) and "new boyfriend", which have both existed fully formed in my head for about two years (if only there was an easier way to get them out) has been put back a release. yes, i have a project i wish to complete first. let me tell you about it.

before i came home this summer, i burnt off 3 copies of a cd of almost all the tunes i'd done in brighton on the computer, and gave them to people i wanted to hear them and maybe play with - Thom, Laurence, and Andyhead. it had thirty-two tracks - enough to pick filler material from for loads of releases. then, just the other day, it struck me. i was looking through a pc format dan had just sent me... what is special about the number 32? think back about ten years, for a second.

D00M II.

32 levels, each with a "par time". all i have to do is make each tune the length of a appropriate doom II level, et voila! instant concept, double album. 95 minutes. cd1 - the spaceport and the city. cd2 - HELL (and secret levels). songs can range from 30 seconds to seven minutes. i'm so exited. the best part is, i don't have to do that much work, just stretch the tunes to fit around the par times, and i get to use all those chunky great songs that would otherwaise never see the light of day - AND i get to use a pretentious "inspiration" for my "cycle" of music. could make a ballet, or an opera, out of it. see? great.

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