it's official!!

i can - "proceed to the next year". in ecsaticism, i went to the pub,
and a pint and chips and read the joy of yiddish. there's a funny story
attached to finding that book at home, which i won't go into here.
but grilly, that's what this website is for!
but it's the way i tell it...

stayed with anna wednesday night. she's helping make a set of UV paintings for use in a psy-trance club night. we talked at legnth about one she had made, beautiful and monochrome, that she didn't want to give away; i talked her round i think. reminded me of dorian gray: "i have put too much of myself into it." there were three good points that i made... what were they? 1, it doesn't really matter; 2, it's nice that it'll be appreciated by hundreds of revellers, and at home it's too large to not be in the way; 3, can't remember. was there a third even? she has all these lovely people putting everything together in such a nice atmosphere.

fred's wedding was lovely. they had a handfasting - very traditional, but not
the usual tradition. they held hands, which were tied for a couple of
minutes, they said some silent vows, then they were (physically) untied
and we pelted them with rose petals. i played some songs - tried to
stick to the classics, because that's what people wanted -
going for a pie
24 hour garage people
in the garage
a sad attempt at ideoteque (during which someone started drumming, and carried on till the end of the set, which was of course...)
christmas song, with anna

i didn't want to play too many TotF songs.
was so good. the weather played it safe, the company was great, the
look on their faces, how they complement each other... a good wedding,
all things considered. yes, it was top to see owen, and dale, and cara, and definately fred, and others i won't go into here.
look it was great. soon...
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