what do you call a vacant Irishman? an Eire head!


i've been compiling an album of the best narrated songs, and it's looking good. i could have filled a short songs one, but what's the point now? i already made Andyhead the "post-acopulatic sci-fi" mini-disk, which, marred by a lack of cross fader, cobbled together a variety of wierd, unsettling songs, and between-track squiggles and atmospheres (such as the end of one armed scissor). i seem to remember that had thirty-odd tracks on. so this one looks great - bands include tinderstix, pulp, the bonzos, the biscuit, the 'head, the faith, and amany others, without giving too much away.

i am looking forward to going away. no really, i am. i got back to the farm and thought, "sheesh.. why would i want to go anywhere else?" especially a place where you have to 'respect their culture'. *Honestly*. damn it Jim, i'm an interloper, not a cultural ambassador! and if i am a cultural ambassador (which i understand i am), why do i have to respect their culture? i should be practising mine to the full effect. if they get offended, good - the truth hurts.

quote of the week -
shut up, Lee's half Paki!
sometime after which we stopped falling about laughing and had to explain irony again. which was gay. and even i've gone off saying 'gay'. i go through phases i guess.

i'm not taking condoms. i'd rather turn down someone on the basis of not having protection, than have to bring back
a full carton of unused rubber. I thought i'd flatter myself by considering this choice. off to have lunch and buy expensive holiday crap, then early evening drinks withsome of the crew. good luck everyone!

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