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couple of links (what i did today):
great mixing it this week;
this video was going to be next week's mp3 but it's actually a mov file. but everyone should have it (3.8 megs)

i won't be blogging again till tuesday, so i thought i'd write some stuff now. jess seems to be losing it a bit - creating two posts simultaeniously(?).
went to see martha tilston at the sactuary cafe last night, with rachel and jason. fredrico was working on the bar and gave us free juice! we had a bottle of the foulest wine (that we sneaked in) ever. it was greek. i told rache, "i don't think that's going to be very good." but it was worth the experiment. bloody 4 pound 49 as well. i'm going back to that unwin's and i'm going to say to the man, "this, is fucking shit." i feel like one of mr Tourette's unsatisfied customers.

i was too shy to give anyone (except jason) my website adress. although i am egotistical, and highly competitive, some things i just can't cope with. like when i met john peel at a phil collins three gig and couldn't give him a copy of Dovedale Joints (but when jess did, he did look a bit peeved). HOWEVER, on the way back, the bus was pulling round the corner at the pavillion. i didn't realise at the time that it was ten to tewlve, that that was the night bus, and that the alternative was a long walk home. i didn't think i could make the distance but rachel made me run... and i made it! hurrah for climbing out of the cellar of my mind. so thanks to her. i just hate people that have self confidence and have no actual worth or talent. in fact, i hate people who have both talent and self confidence more, because i can't legitimately hate them, if you see what i mean. i'm just jealous.

more slag from my mental coal shed next week!



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that is the day that thom and i have had our DJ night "penciled in" for, so thanks very much to the nice bar managers who work in the union building. they don't know what they've let themselves in for, rahahhaha.

two new (old) jokes in the nose tonight, months old but never posted, so at least they make me look productive. after doing some market research, i've noticed that most people who visit don't notice you can click on the pictures, so haven't been reading this, so i've written words on them (in the beautiful morrisey new font [see below]). it looks less elegant but seems a necessary move.

departure lounge last night was fantastic, i think. for those who don't know, it's a japanese culture fest, every last wednesday of the month, at the prince albert, brighton. the only song i new was gaga life by the mad capsule markets, but i recognized a few covers of hits over here. me went with aforemention thom and laurence. ah what a crowd we were. laurence didn't want to talk about it any more, so said only a little. thom had been beating himself up all weekend, so didn't want to talk about it (what his 'it'actually was i never found out). i was all too willing. i've been reading my diaries from last year: at the next departure lounge, (25/05)it will be exactly a year since i told someone i l*v3d them. brings back memories. (okay, so i should be saying this in a months time, but it's been on my mind). graah. did you know, it's a year and a few days since i started recording the song 'Love'? no. but you do now. in honour of this monumental occassion, the 'try to relax' remix (by, again, thom) is online now in the mp3 section. check it.

speaking of today:

"hey kids
are supporting
the 100 club
oxford road london
thurs 29th april
7.30-11.00 £7"

please go. sorry i didn't post this earlier. sadly i can't make it, so jo, vix and elvis: fuckin' sick 'em. also electralane are dead good, so go!
i also missed the kefranski gig on sunday, so i'm being a bit crap, but london's a long way, y'know?

gallow slutt software is now producing copies of the girls girls girls ep for the brighton area. it's also available online at their website.

please please please, vote for my songs! i'm already charting:

"Charts: Only your strongest songs appear in the charts.

Currently in the daily charts:

main genres:
the wild rover:
· #1176 in the Acoustic charts
· #102 in the Folk sub charts

lucid dream:
· #1102 in the Pop charts
· #366 in the Pop Rock sub charts

shots make me sick:
· #802 in the World charts
· #102 in the World General sub charts"

interesting that those are seen as 'my strongest songs'. stick em on.

thanks for readingx


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fuck. fucking pisssy fukcking cocking gaydar shit. here's some classy links:

the playground law - "Customers who shopped for this item also shopped for: John's Not Mad; DVD ~ Fremantle Home Entertainment "

jon's not mad - "Perfect Partner: Buy John's Not Mad with Look Around You [2002] DVD today! "

the competition - check the review by bryan sewell.
first things first - there's a new joke in the nose section.

mp3 of the week - this was essential listening on saturday.

quote of the week: "people call me sally [from the nightmare before christmas] because i can dislocate my shoulders." girl in blue at rachel's party on friday night. kudos to laurence's "i'm an uzi lover," but since that was a reference not a quote, it doesn't win out.

so... since friday.. friday night was rache's birthday party. the place was packed, but since i was sitting on the stairs looking at the same old faces all night, it didn't really matter. i really didn't feel like dancing, especially since they had some naff nu-hippy electro on (that's, like, just my opinion, man). highlight of the night was creating a stair dismount photo story which may get posted one day. didn't want to do anything the next day, but it was nice to speak to andy, jo and imogen on the phone. since it was jess's party on saturday, you can read about that there.

did the hobgob music quiz last night - after round 1, we were in the lead with 49 points! i was buzzing, and it was crushing to be finally defeated by 30. we will take command. on the way back, two scallies gave us hassle, all screaming in luarence's face, throwing his hat off, the usual shit. then they started throwing road cones at us, which was surprisingly painful, and yet some how hilarious.

i spent a lot of time in bed yesterday morning wanting to write up all my problems here, but i can't really remember them now. i'm ok.



here comes the music!

rock on fogarty

i really like the song 'esc.' it makes me feel cool, and it's interesting to read how he's involved with jimmy cauty. go Ewigkeit!

today i finally got my student account sorted out - i'm now £1000 'richer' than two hours ago.
well let me tell you, i'm getting to the end of the affair, and i have to sign and date the final form. i tick the box saying 'don't give me any shit' and sign it, and then i have to date it. well what happens but i get a sudden rush of paranoia - "i know", i think, " i'll check my phone for the date. i know it's on the wall over there, but i'm not going to look at that, otherwise what's the point? the man asked me to date it, so i'm going to date it! i look at my phone - 24.04.04. i write it down, and give it to the man.
"no that's not right," he says, looking at his watch, " it's the 23rd."
i look at the wall clock - 23/04/04.
he takes his pen to my form and violates it, changing my 4 to a 3.

this raises several points. the computers here said it was the 23rd. why is my phone a day fast? i feel like the white rabbit. why did i have an unusual fear of looking at the date on the wall? i felt like they might be duping me so i checked my own clock.

how does a digital clock lose track of the days?

it can't. so there must be a conspiracy to defraud me of the date. i know that sounds unlikely, but an electronic clock can't just slip a couple of hours when it feels like it! there's been no editing of my clock, i haven't let it out of my possession, and there's been no time lag or holidays. i feel motion sick.
plug your speakers/headphones in, and get ready to bight your fist and cry. this video is absolutely essential viewing (and it has a cracking soundtrack).

i found it at hate the mainstream.
i've just set up a blog for my lovely jess which you can read here.


the new, now there's a proppa web site.
downwood and dr. tchock have done it again.
the best bit i've found so far: you can see the lyric "skim off the scum" about halfway down the fourth page (covered in lyric buttons, called worms.php). has dr. tchock been ripping off my songs? i should sue.
shucks. just noticed that even 'dungeon' isn't a ubiquitous font. wait, i'll come in again.

i tried to do the entire in morrisey new font, which looks top (it turns up on the 'the grilly hub' logo), but of course no-one would see it because i'm the only person on the internet who's downloaded it. so i tried to put it in something that looked equally as good, but nothing looks equally as good. so i put it in 'dungeon'. but it comes up in glorious times new roman. it looks quite elegant, but well... i'm sure there's a way of getting fonts off the site onto peoples pcs, like them crappy 'my comet cursors' used to do, and if anyone knows it can they tell me? i only say because i'm not fussed enough to look for a way myself.

i need to close my eyes. and eat. please look at my brother's blog, his last couple of posts are quite dramatic.

grilly out.
the brand-new, cool-as, souped-up, fuckin'-ay, is now online; i've just spent a good couple of hourse updating song info on the soundclick bit, scanning in photos, and being generally great at being me. do check it; everything is clickable. "what you can't click you can google"

it's nice to see the difference between my post about friday and laurences. eat my blog.


i thought i just might say, that, "how to dis a peer completely" would be a great idea for a song. alternatively, "how to dis a pier completely" instantly lends iteslf to a slagging rant about brighton &=)
thinking in the last post about unoriginal links... brings up my thoughts about goldie lookin chain, whose now enormous rise to potential fame flies in the taste face. they're calling them the new darkness, according to C4 news, according to alex, but wheras the shitness do a mucked-up squeaky clean "are you being ironic?"/"i can't even tell any more" version of queen/thin lizzy etc, the chain still relish in words like "drippy willy" and "front bottom", to quote their song "parental warning". i got into them over summer i think, after hearing "half man half machine" on a super furry animals DJ set on the breezeblock. to be honest with myself, most of their stuff is really poor, but i think that song is actually quite funny. i hate the way they're being sold - "bargin bin bling" according to just about everyone. they'd never describe themselves as such, so i think it's as offensize to them as how every interviewer's headline on their morrisey interview is "xxx misery xxx". and then they goad him about "his sexuality". YES WE NO HE DSNT LIKE TALKING ABUOT BEING GAY ROFL !!!!11 etc.

good weekend: went to laurence's on friday night; we were both alone, "chillin'" in laur speak, in our rooms when i called him up, so we decided to do it together. i went round his, because laurences room is like mine but with internet, tv, PS2, more comics and better decor. all i have to offer is a variety of instruments. somehow i managed to put forward the idea of playing the best internet game around, so we did until three o'clock in the morning. he beat me about 300 points to 250, which proves how gay he is (no matter how much he talks about "her" or "that girl" or "you know who i mean"). and then it turns out that he knows the author, log, through the late mark hearn (laurance's freind from school, log's boyfriend). log is simply one of the funniest things around, and to find out he's a real person is gutting. he replied to an email i sent him once as well, so i should have guessed. i suppose that comes from my jealousy of talented people. but laurence was freaking out, "i can't believe you know his site." but i was the one who should have gone strange, because he's a hero of mine and a freind of his. anyway. later, i reflected (as i do now) upon how cool we were about mark being dead; we both knew he'd died, there was no discussion, i didn't even say i was sorry for his trouble. it was just: okay. that's good because that's how i think i feel about death and all; it happens. of course things would be different if it happened now, (i remember how i felt when i clicked on disappointment to find it replaced with a passionate testamony to him), but it just seemed like something that didn't need discussing.
apologies, then, for using people who i think i know but actually don't in this.
the day after we went around shops in brighton and bought some comics, cds, and organic waffles, and i had a discussion about the locust with a girl in cutie who beth knows.

quote of the week: "she's not a friend, she's an ex." Charly Sangels (name changed to protect the innocent)

then ed, jez, and pete were around with nikki and we went to a micro-brew (the evening star) and a gay bar (the harlequin) which just about covered all our interests. i'll write more about this later if i remember anything about the evening.



i love quizzes, and i can honestly say that i didn't link to this from b3ta or ntk; to be truthful, i clicked a few times from my brother's site (

so... which watchman are you?

apparently, i'm either silk spectre or the comedian, who i deplore as a pre-feminists. next week - which member of the goon show are you? you know you're harry secombe.

well, step one in my "grilly hub" project is complete: grilly.blogspot has arrived. this is the traditional first post, where the novelty hasn't worn off yet. wooh! my thought's on the net! yeah! right. that's out of the way.