shucks. just noticed that even 'dungeon' isn't a ubiquitous font. wait, i'll come in again.

i tried to do the entire in morrisey new font, which looks top (it turns up on the 'the grilly hub' logo), but of course no-one would see it because i'm the only person on the internet who's downloaded it. so i tried to put it in something that looked equally as good, but nothing looks equally as good. so i put it in 'dungeon'. but it comes up in glorious times new roman. it looks quite elegant, but well... i'm sure there's a way of getting fonts off the site onto peoples pcs, like them crappy 'my comet cursors' used to do, and if anyone knows it can they tell me? i only say because i'm not fussed enough to look for a way myself.

i need to close my eyes. and eat. please look at my brother's blog, his last couple of posts are quite dramatic.

grilly out.
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