first things first - there's a new joke in the nose section.

mp3 of the week - this was essential listening on saturday.

quote of the week: "people call me sally [from the nightmare before christmas] because i can dislocate my shoulders." girl in blue at rachel's party on friday night. kudos to laurence's "i'm an uzi lover," but since that was a reference not a quote, it doesn't win out.

so... since friday.. friday night was rache's birthday party. the place was packed, but since i was sitting on the stairs looking at the same old faces all night, it didn't really matter. i really didn't feel like dancing, especially since they had some naff nu-hippy electro on (that's, like, just my opinion, man). highlight of the night was creating a stair dismount photo story which may get posted one day. didn't want to do anything the next day, but it was nice to speak to andy, jo and imogen on the phone. since it was jess's party on saturday, you can read about that there.

did the hobgob music quiz last night - after round 1, we were in the lead with 49 points! i was buzzing, and it was crushing to be finally defeated by 30. we will take command. on the way back, two scallies gave us hassle, all screaming in luarence's face, throwing his hat off, the usual shit. then they started throwing road cones at us, which was surprisingly painful, and yet some how hilarious.

i spent a lot of time in bed yesterday morning wanting to write up all my problems here, but i can't really remember them now. i'm ok.

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