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that is the day that thom and i have had our DJ night "penciled in" for, so thanks very much to the nice bar managers who work in the union building. they don't know what they've let themselves in for, rahahhaha.

two new (old) jokes in the nose tonight, months old but never posted, so at least they make me look productive. after doing some market research, i've noticed that most people who visit don't notice you can click on the pictures, so haven't been reading this, so i've written words on them (in the beautiful morrisey new font [see below]). it looks less elegant but seems a necessary move.

departure lounge last night was fantastic, i think. for those who don't know, it's a japanese culture fest, every last wednesday of the month, at the prince albert, brighton. the only song i new was gaga life by the mad capsule markets, but i recognized a few covers of hits over here. me went with aforemention thom and laurence. ah what a crowd we were. laurence didn't want to talk about it any more, so said only a little. thom had been beating himself up all weekend, so didn't want to talk about it (what his 'it'actually was i never found out). i was all too willing. i've been reading my diaries from last year: at the next departure lounge, (25/05)it will be exactly a year since i told someone i l*v3d them. brings back memories. (okay, so i should be saying this in a months time, but it's been on my mind). graah. did you know, it's a year and a few days since i started recording the song 'Love'? no. but you do now. in honour of this monumental occassion, the 'try to relax' remix (by, again, thom) is online now in the mp3 section. check it.

speaking of today:

"hey kids
are supporting
the 100 club
oxford road london
thurs 29th april
7.30-11.00 £7"

please go. sorry i didn't post this earlier. sadly i can't make it, so jo, vix and elvis: fuckin' sick 'em. also electralane are dead good, so go!
i also missed the kefranski gig on sunday, so i'm being a bit crap, but london's a long way, y'know?

gallow slutt software is now producing copies of the girls girls girls ep for the brighton area. it's also available online at their website.

please please please, vote for my songs! i'm already charting:

"Charts: Only your strongest songs appear in the charts.

Currently in the daily charts:

main genres:
the wild rover:
· #1176 in the Acoustic charts
· #102 in the Folk sub charts

lucid dream:
· #1102 in the Pop charts
· #366 in the Pop Rock sub charts

shots make me sick:
· #802 in the World charts
· #102 in the World General sub charts"

interesting that those are seen as 'my strongest songs'. stick em on.

thanks for readingx
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