thinking in the last post about unoriginal links... brings up my thoughts about goldie lookin chain, whose now enormous rise to potential fame flies in the taste face. they're calling them the new darkness, according to C4 news, according to alex, but wheras the shitness do a mucked-up squeaky clean "are you being ironic?"/"i can't even tell any more" version of queen/thin lizzy etc, the chain still relish in words like "drippy willy" and "front bottom", to quote their song "parental warning". i got into them over summer i think, after hearing "half man half machine" on a super furry animals DJ set on the breezeblock. to be honest with myself, most of their stuff is really poor, but i think that song is actually quite funny. i hate the way they're being sold - "bargin bin bling" according to just about everyone. they'd never describe themselves as such, so i think it's as offensize to them as how every interviewer's headline on their morrisey interview is "xxx misery xxx". and then they goad him about "his sexuality". YES WE NO HE DSNT LIKE TALKING ABUOT BEING GAY ROFL !!!!11 etc.

good weekend: went to laurence's on friday night; we were both alone, "chillin'" in laur speak, in our rooms when i called him up, so we decided to do it together. i went round his, because laurences room is like mine but with internet, tv, PS2, more comics and better decor. all i have to offer is a variety of instruments. somehow i managed to put forward the idea of playing the best internet game around, so we did until three o'clock in the morning. he beat me about 300 points to 250, which proves how gay he is (no matter how much he talks about "her" or "that girl" or "you know who i mean"). and then it turns out that he knows the author, log, through the late mark hearn (laurance's freind from school, log's boyfriend). log is simply one of the funniest things around, and to find out he's a real person is gutting. he replied to an email i sent him once as well, so i should have guessed. i suppose that comes from my jealousy of talented people. but laurence was freaking out, "i can't believe you know his site." but i was the one who should have gone strange, because he's a hero of mine and a freind of his. anyway. later, i reflected (as i do now) upon how cool we were about mark being dead; we both knew he'd died, there was no discussion, i didn't even say i was sorry for his trouble. it was just: okay. that's good because that's how i think i feel about death and all; it happens. of course things would be different if it happened now, (i remember how i felt when i clicked on disappointment to find it replaced with a passionate testamony to him), but it just seemed like something that didn't need discussing.
apologies, then, for using people who i think i know but actually don't in this.
the day after we went around shops in brighton and bought some comics, cds, and organic waffles, and i had a discussion about the locust with a girl in cutie who beth knows.

quote of the week: "she's not a friend, she's an ex." Charly Sangels (name changed to protect the innocent)

then ed, jez, and pete were around with nikki and we went to a micro-brew (the evening star) and a gay bar (the harlequin) which just about covered all our interests. i'll write more about this later if i remember anything about the evening.

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