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couple of links (what i did today):
great mixing it this week;
this video was going to be next week's mp3 but it's actually a mov file. but everyone should have it (3.8 megs)

i won't be blogging again till tuesday, so i thought i'd write some stuff now. jess seems to be losing it a bit - creating two posts simultaeniously(?).
went to see martha tilston at the sactuary cafe last night, with rachel and jason. fredrico was working on the bar and gave us free juice! we had a bottle of the foulest wine (that we sneaked in) ever. it was greek. i told rache, "i don't think that's going to be very good." but it was worth the experiment. bloody 4 pound 49 as well. i'm going back to that unwin's and i'm going to say to the man, "this, is fucking shit." i feel like one of mr Tourette's unsatisfied customers.

i was too shy to give anyone (except jason) my website adress. although i am egotistical, and highly competitive, some things i just can't cope with. like when i met john peel at a phil collins three gig and couldn't give him a copy of Dovedale Joints (but when jess did, he did look a bit peeved). HOWEVER, on the way back, the bus was pulling round the corner at the pavillion. i didn't realise at the time that it was ten to tewlve, that that was the night bus, and that the alternative was a long walk home. i didn't think i could make the distance but rachel made me run... and i made it! hurrah for climbing out of the cellar of my mind. so thanks to her. i just hate people that have self confidence and have no actual worth or talent. in fact, i hate people who have both talent and self confidence more, because i can't legitimately hate them, if you see what i mean. i'm just jealous.

more slag from my mental coal shed next week!

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