today i finally got my student account sorted out - i'm now £1000 'richer' than two hours ago.
well let me tell you, i'm getting to the end of the affair, and i have to sign and date the final form. i tick the box saying 'don't give me any shit' and sign it, and then i have to date it. well what happens but i get a sudden rush of paranoia - "i know", i think, " i'll check my phone for the date. i know it's on the wall over there, but i'm not going to look at that, otherwise what's the point? the man asked me to date it, so i'm going to date it! i look at my phone - 24.04.04. i write it down, and give it to the man.
"no that's not right," he says, looking at his watch, " it's the 23rd."
i look at the wall clock - 23/04/04.
he takes his pen to my form and violates it, changing my 4 to a 3.

this raises several points. the computers here said it was the 23rd. why is my phone a day fast? i feel like the white rabbit. why did i have an unusual fear of looking at the date on the wall? i felt like they might be duping me so i checked my own clock.

how does a digital clock lose track of the days?

it can't. so there must be a conspiracy to defraud me of the date. i know that sounds unlikely, but an electronic clock can't just slip a couple of hours when it feels like it! there's been no editing of my clock, i haven't let it out of my possession, and there's been no time lag or holidays. i feel motion sick.
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