The martian question

So, every time I find out more about this project of my brother's, i get more and more amazed.

He first mentioned the idea to me, i don't know when exactly, but a few years ago we were talking about ideas we had and I'm sure it was one of those. Just to find out he's instantiating an idea is marvellous.

But then I read deeper, and I realise how impressed I am with him, layer upon layer. He stood up in public - a real achievement for dan - and pitched his idea to an organisation. That's amazing enough. They then  said 'yes, we want to see that made, here's some money to hire professionals to do that'.

The quality of these professionals is outstanding. As an avid consumer of Speculative Fiction, with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (three flavours of made-up crap, from the point of view of real scientists [citation needed]), Dan is working on a hard-as-possible-sci-fi game/story. He's got the ear of Colin Pillinger, no less, as scientific advisor. In my demographic, Pillinger is a hero, an open-university lecturer who launched an interplanetary probe seemingly from his back garden. It's great that he's involved. The rest of the team, while not people I've heard of, I've come across their work without even trying.

It does leave me wondering, where will the story go, if they're making it ultra realistic; because the real Mars is not, currently, a very interesting place. But that only makes me more excited about what they're going to do, and what they're going to draw out of it.

I just want to say, well done Bruv, I'm really happy for you and excited about what you're going to do.xx