i'm really starting to believe in a higher (or lower, the point is it's greater than all of us) power.
but grilly, you're an athiest!
i hear you cry. well yeah, i didn't say god did i? anyway, for some reason, this power seems only interested in bringing me quality comix.

i was walking across campus today, past the book stand, and i took a passing interest as i noticed a pile of wyndham. on i continued, until a saw two reasonable piles of comix. never seen those before. 50p each the man tells me. so i look through... x-men this... superman that... the odd virtigo (looked good but i'm not going to start buying an entire series from four years ago)... and in my perusals, i come across a star wars stories comic, from dark horse. on the cover is a cheesy grab from the films of Lando Calrissian, with the strap line
"get ready for... Lando's Commandos!"
it looks fun, so in i dip, and i look at the contents page to see if there's anyone i recognise...

there's only bloody craig thompson's name, he's only gone and bloody drawn and written a story for them.

so i buy the damn thing. i haven't read it yet. it looks dead good though. yay me!

oh buy the way, on the FLCL test, i'm apperently Haruko as well. i love quizzes, but i don't want to make the are you grilly quiz proper like that... i'm happy with it being ultra-lo-fi. it would suck to make it better.

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