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"There can be other things in the hair, which are not lice." oooh, spooooky - like 'men who are not men' (biblical, conspiracy theory, and indiana jones and the fate of atlantis reference)

i just sat down and found a small green bug on my finger. "arrgggh! nits!". then it flew on to my other hand. "hang on", i thought, "can nits fly?"

no. nits are empty white egg shells. head lice on the other hand... also cannot fly. it wasn't anything from my head. *phew*. this leaflet should be read by anyone of you concerned about rachel and her crap hygine skills. she thought she had nits, and then she washed her hair and realised she was actually just skanky.

"Similarly, they infest long hair as well as short hair, although it is possible short hair may make it easier for the lice to get from one head to another." yes my brothers! long hair is the way forward!

cool. i've got a program to write.

g out.xx
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