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i was very angry when i got home last night.

"alright. so a big fucking piss the fuck off to the twat who stole my bike pump, which means my valve tyres are now as flat as a graph of y = 0. and a fucking huge 'go fuck yourself' to the mega-twat who went through my coat pockets and took my bike lights. you bike-based theivery cunts."

in retrospect, the lights could have just fallen out of my pocket when i put the coat on the floor, but i find that quite unlikely. i'll have to ring them up and check.

so last night the ineffable thom and i went to see mclusky. a quick(ish) review follows, based upon my scribblings when i got back.

father of boon
wow. i felt like when i first saw zabrinski (the only time, since i missed their co-headlining tour with superfurryanimals, grrr).so many people, all playing such good notes, an all on different instruments (inc. a saxophone), and the front line of four people all had microphones. and the synth-player (and it was a synth) had a spare drumkit set up. and the music was infectious, loony pop, and i looked upon it and saw that it was good.

the mutts.
oh. couldn't have had a worse contrast. the mutts can fuck right off. see my last proper post about people with confidence and no talent; although it occurs to me that maybe self-confidence is talent, like when wilde said that beauty was the greatest talent (well, a character in dorian gray says it, but i can imagine that dangerous fop having the same opinion). anyway, they were too loud as well and it started to hurt, especially since they were so shit. they can take their garage pigeonhole and keep it. they didn't have any songs. they didn't have speed. what they did have was a guitarist who churned the same pentatonic dirge out i do some days, only i don't think it's good enough to play to other people. they had a singer who had long hair, a blank white t-shirt and a posture that only reminded me of the "where's my washboard?" character from the fast show. i quite liked the drummer, who seemed to be having quite a good time. i should write more about bands i like i guess.

your codename is: milo
i found these guys very likeable indeed, and reminded me of grandaddy in that they were a five piece with only one microphone. well actually the 'daddy have two (or more) but the point is it's clear whose band this is - the little guy at the front with the unbranded baseball cap. they were playing quite good emo-core, slightly poppy to boot. are three guitarists necessary? doesn't matter if that's who you are and what you do. so they were quite nice.

and then, well, it was mclusky, wasn't it? they opened with the only song of theirs i knew - lightsabre cocksucking blues storming. they were forking great. had a good dance - girls dancing in front of me reminded of the women in the lucky money club in deus ex. i liked that. so out of reach. i was knackered, and kept wanting them to finish, but i was always really glad when they didn't. and then they played "my god is bigger than your god", i think it's called. i remember hearing that song on peel ages ago (who the guitarist, incidentally, looks like) and liking it very much indeed, not knowing it was them. the fact that this puts a limit on the number of gear bands in britain at the moment i find dis-heartening. but at the same time, it'll probably help me claw my way to the top X-).

that was it.

there's more mp3s now available from colourmap. you can listen to them.
thom got me very excited by talking about his forthcoming ambient-grind record (to be available from gallow slutt software) - i'll put a page together for that very soon.

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