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yes! i had the best Ads By Google ever!! for some reason it came up with "related searches: shed seven". who can tell what the google beast is thinking?

too many good mp3s this week, so i'll have to start dishing them out now.

gorky's have put two children's ballads on their front page, which are both really gorgeous.
on the forums, ellis has done a couple of pretty good bootlegs.#
and the "hey hey 16k" guy - mj hibbert - has loads of really good real-world songs, about programming = poetry, rebranded lost luggage depot's and other genius folk songs. explore him, then buy his cds so i don't have to.

today i got a lovely email from john lawrence, ex gorky's - "

Having a bit of a problem with the studio at the moment, hoping to get the compilation out soon, and also working on another chimps album.

Planting trees and growing veg

All the best

i bought his Nant Y Benglog album and pondman's (gorwel & fiona owen) record in between, as well as a couple of release from irrksome records. i think the apt name is a "habit".


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