right. i'm late for a seminar already, but i thought i'd better share this anecdote with you.

so i had this dream where laurenec and i killed a seven-headed dragon, after it had killed all our other friends; it was a sort of knightmare/D&D the cartoon cross over (so childhood, eh..). more gaia theory gubbins - i was on a computer at school, and thought to check the temp directory, as i am wont to do (once i found two whole depeche mode albums in there!). well would you adam and believe it, there was a dream interpretation guide - "1001 dreams and their meanings" - zipped up there! i look up dragons - it says it represents someone who has power over you, see also 'the devil'. i'm spooked now. i look up the devil...
...if you're a farmer and you dream of the devil, it means your crops will fail...
umm.. i don't know if i needed that kind of advice... apperently, if you're a woman and dream of the devil, you're going to be raped in the near future. so i decided not to listen to any of the 'information' in that text file. but maybe i just shouldn't have looked so deep.

moo hoo haha.
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