i am here to fuck.

so preacher, then. great... and then he spends all of book seven as a sheriff of a texan town, taking on the boss of the local meat-packing plant. why? i know they needed to fill in 6 months of his life, but it was a total waste of time. no herr starr (the greatest character in the comic - there's something about ultra-violent, bald comic stars, no? jesse custer himself is ultra-violent, but that's just frustrating because he could just tell the people to poke themselves in the eye and check into hospital, and they would. the violence is unjustifiable).

andyhead is online!! rejoice. sadly, he seems to be suffering from "blog novelty" syndrome, where after a couple of days the inspiration dries up.. keep yer end up, mate.

wicked new mp3.

my last post got et by the ethernet, and i can't remember what it was now..
band name: "jennifer, my girlfriend." turns out narcoleprosy is already used, so back to the drawing board.

got a job today - registering freshers at salford uni. money in yer pocket.

kudos to vicky for contacting me by email, but i can't find her anywahere on line so, please luv, get in touch again.

i think that's it... anythng else will come later.

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