the chroncles of Roddick

in the far future, humanity is threatened by a maleveolent force from another galaxy. only the mercanarious super-brandeer Roddick can save us, with her over-priced hand creams and subtle beauty faschism...

honestly have you been in the body shop recently? it's like boots but everything's made out of wood, and there's no cheap stuff. that article was meant to be a lot longer, but iona desperately wants to go on the computer, and i need to get to altrincham to go big job hunting.

rant #2: the worst promotion ever.

i got home, fed the cat for the first time. a sign on the kitty kat box:
you could Win a free Odeon kids ticket!

erm.. worst promotion ever. they normally give those things away, with the redundant clause "with full paying adult". i mean a kids ticket is a couple of quid, you need to be accompanied, and there's going to be pop corn, and drinks.. you're going to make a fortune. so why restrict this by only giving away so many? at this point i saw the other clause - it's a kids ticket, at odeon, for the garfield movie. so you don't even get the choice? sad really.

new band names - bedford rascal, narcoleprosy, roddick.
new page coming soon: "101 things that automatically make you a cunt", as long as i continue using that word as a slander.

oh yeah, and indonesia was great. i' will be reading from my diary in brighton, but suffice to say, it was really quite beautiful and the people were very nice to us.

grilly out.
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