Tim Curry Syndrome

so i finally got around to installing Gabriel Knight 3 yesterday. danny gave it me for my birthday years ago, i've never had the time... time? did i say time? that's not what i meant. it's not more time i've got. i just fancied something intelligent for my lonely hours, and i don't even have very many of them. only really when laurence goes round Aimees.
Anyway, imagine my joy whne i find that Gabriel himself is narrated by tim bleeding curry, and his 'southern accent'! his first three lines honestly sound completely incoherent - he cycles through australian, east-end, and finally settles on some fucked-up kind of american. it's so funny. so later, in the pub (i'm so sick of expensive pubs - 3.65 for a pint of ale and a bag of crisps (well, honey bbq pretzel pieces). and lager's even more expensive!) i invited everyone to guess who it was, of course laurence got it. john said Bill Murray, which led to all sorts of hints, not least the Charlie's Angels Sumo wrestling scene - the greatest scene in cinema.

listening to Riley's Rocket Science on BBC internet right now. he just played a classic Beefheart, a classic Tyrannasauros Rex, and something new from Block Party. great.

by the way, i thought i'd put links to my parent's web pages:

i had a dream..
it had huge, expanding, blue/grey/green mutant monsters in a cinema. my school friends and i had to go back years later to investigate; inside now were statues, or clones, or something.

i think shatner was in it somewhere.

and i had planned to go away to indonesia again, but there was a four day science conference over the weekend, and it got moved to the monday so it finished on thursday, and that was when i was supposed to leave, so i couldn't go.

today, on the bus, it was so funny. driving past the Brighton Uni campus next to Moulsecoombe station, and there was a Give Blood van parked outside. in front of it was another Give Blood van, identicle to the last. and in front of that was another van, exactly the same size, but said "Ginsters: Cornish through and through" on the side. i laughed, oh i laughed. no one else on the bus had any idea. i feel like a character in that Philip K. Dick short story with the man hanging from a lamppost, and the guy says, "why is there a body hanging from a lamppost?!" and everyone says, "oh, it must be there for a reason. maybe he wanted to be there. or maybe the cops did it." and it turns out the generic body snatchers have come, and are luring out the un-snatched with such examples. everyone's so oblivious. like Hienz Baked Beanz. see? you can spot it instantly when it's written like that, but put it on a can of beans on the shelf, and no-one notices. or fabulous juice (or is it a juice drink?) the excellently titled 'Tropicana Tropics Tropical'. that was another one i didn't notice the title of until i got home. or when people stand up in an AGM and try and amend a motion against violence against women, replacing every instance of 'women' with 'women and men'. "why is this motion especially against women?" they ask. "because some violence is especially against women" is my answer. and Steve From Last Year can fuck off too. "i'm too busy to submit my own motion! i'm a father of three, who i only get to see three days a week, i'm studying, i'm working..." ah, never mind.
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