The game starts aboard a ship, where your initial training takes place. To learn combat you have to - and even as I write this, I can't believe a developer could still think this a good idea - purge the vessel of rats. My character is a seven-foot Amazonian woman. The rat is a foot-long furry thing with a tail. It looks utterly ludicrous. The millions of pounds spent on trying to create a beautiful graphical world to lose yourself in, entirely wasted by something so bloody stupid. Yes, every RPG does it. This is because every RPG is rubbish. And - as I've been informed since writing this - if the developers thought it was actually a joke, they should have played it as one. Just doing it again isn't a gag. It's not even a clever reference. With nothing other than its context, doing it again is just doing it again, and doing it again is RUBBISH.

which relate to: latest penny arcade

reminds me of my awful work for PCG. oh, the embarresment.

probably the funniest thing about going to Ireland, was how i ended up staying at Fiona's. she'd said it would be okay before i came, but her phone number that Gillian gave me didn't work. then i recieved a text from her; well, i assumed it was her. i checked the last three digits to my saved one and they were the same (obviously, the first three were the same too). so i replied with something about staying monday night. she replied, in a 'comic' cockney accent, asking me why i needed to stay. i was confused, and couldn't be bothered to respond.

it's lucky i didn't. it turns out it wasn't Fiona, but Shona, Jim's local friend who he called from my phone (eek! bill!). and she thought i was Jim. so everyone was confused and nothing was real.

so how did i end up staying with Fiona? the only thing i can think of is that Fi is the gorgeous type of person who is so nice that if you assume that you are staying at their house, they will happily accomodate you, even if you've not spoken to them about it or anything. it was good in Ireland. everyone looked so clean and everything. seeing people in their natural element. walking round the town. enjoying the craic in a real irish pub.

and the crappest thing about livejournal image tool is the quizilla pix that keep getting uploaded; and the crappest thing about that is the 'which little prince character are you?' quiz. i'm not going to link to it. it can eat my arse.

and the sweetest thing:
fred vellacott Sunday, 11/14/04, 3:52 AM

grilly,your email tends to evade me, but hope this message and website with a selection of wedding photos reaches you. Our best friend in saint p's is Robin, who who have been known to reside with in places of bright. Saw kid koala friday, slightly out of place in russki new rich heaven, but still best night here so far. Love fred


only thing is, that site seems to think it is actaully okay to eat cows. but for years i did anyway, so i apologise for then.

edit: hey, you fuck! why aren't you watching the new Cunt of Lula video?

and while we're at it, apologies to Rachel Sewart for leaving all that filth on her computer. the party on friday was well good. best game of gaydar yahtzee yet. laurence won with this guy

and i keep bumbing into Jordan and Rosie (who looks even better without makeup on). we were in spar last night (i only left the house to go the shops to buy things to eat immediately, this weekend). it's a crap shop; they really don't sell anything to actually eat. Jordan successfully noticed the 'z' on heinz baked beanz, when it was adjacent to an older can of baked beans. i bought two cans of heinz soup for 99p, even though buying tinned soup is, frankly, admitting you might as well kill yourself. but i accepted that a long time ago, and it holds no fear for me now.

and at least i don't "buy soup in cartons, not in tins".

and i finally got my bike working again - the dodgy inner tube with the firm valve has been defeated, courtesy my Butonese sarong. so i cycled in to university, even though mending my bike meant missing my lectures. but i just had to finish the job.

and after that hiatus, if anyone wants me to cook them dinner, please just invite yonder good self over. i could do with the company.
and i wonder if i am missing anything in my life.

edit2: radiohead and copyright
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