Bush Does Victory Lap Around World Trade Center Site

thanks to th'onion for that title.

i'll present to you the picture that currently adorns my backdrop:

i've been a bit pissed off today (...envisages future where house-hold communicates only through websites...chortles because only Joel's computer can get internet...), so it was absolutely great to hear some fantastic news.

last year we were living with Robin, right? it was great. but this year she went to St. Petersburg. in Russia. then i found out my good friend Fred was going to exactly the same city, in Russia, with his wife Molly, for the same year. "great!" i thought. "i'll put them in touch. they can have friends." of course i never got around to it. i mean, what am i? so imagine my delight when i went to afras today, and saw kate, and she said, she'd had a wierd email from the lass Robin, saying she'd met someone who i'd sang at her wedding...

it's Sod's law at work again, isn't it? i knew deep down, if i introduced them to each other by email, they'd never get around to meeting. but it happened anyway. how did they possibly find about a mutual friend though? reminds of Jo in italy with a her childhood friend, and she said something about 'grilly' and well they realised they each knew a different grilly. wow. and the parsnip soup was well nice.

Rufus keeps sending me crytip text messages. i.e.:
New O2 Sim. Now, Inverted Within, Evilly Hidden: Names, Unseen, Lurk Acrostically.

Plays, essays, novels, and now drawings. Pen and paper estrange reality, until some established time heaven's eloquence manifests.

oh bugger, i've gone and deleted the other one. well, keep up the good work, man.

going to the AGM in a minute, purely to vote against the sports teams on every issue. fund-grabbing arseholes.

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