hyper probotector (racy)

by which by i mean, super contra (diction).

in other words, more internet double think: i hate amazon, here's my amazon wish list.

it's my birthday next week. i will also accept a snakes on a plane hoodie:

so lovely sarah came round on saturday and stopped me going mad all weekend. we walked in the cold and made quinoa food and watched the muppets and had a very healthy time. she agreed/volunteered to tackle 'the national anthem' on our kid a covers album - everyone's still doing that, aren't they? last thing i remember was some dispute over who was doing 'in limbo', with both thom and andy vying for it. well, whoever gets in first (the other can get put on too, as an extra bonus track. i'm sure they'll both be very good).

anway, maybe this will be my week.
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