neocarmen: gold top.

i've done a new song. there was a time when i envisioned 'gold top' as a rocking indie anthem, but oh, all the layers, all the pages of notes on structure.. that's why i left it off purple milk e.p. (it's kind of a sister to purple milk, title wise, although it was written afore and has nothing to do with milk at all). it works like this.

i recorded two tracks in about two hours yesterday; this and 'theme from "on benefit"' which i won't put up (it belongs as a sub-track in the middle of 'on benefit'). when i finish 'new boyfriend' i don't think i'll put that up either, since it's too long for soundclick, and wouldn't it be nice to wait for the cd for once?

so anyway.

i signed back onto the dole. i will endevour (en devour?) to get back off it quickly.

another nice evening in last night. being with a person in certain situations really makes me face up to certain things. i'm nervous in situations where i'd like to be comfortable. this doesn't mean i should avoid those arenas; but i should not force myself, or be forced, either. i need to be eased in, much like the classic frog in the pan of water analogy, but in the opposite direction; i want to be boiled alive, but can't help jumping out when it all gets too hot. it's all so zen. but then everything is.

three years since i met rach today. have a drink on me, darling.

home alone for the weekend (god, this is the post that won't shut up, isn't it?), except for saturday when the lovely sarah 'toy' gill will be coming to visit me and everything. lets hope a dozen veggiedogs can see me through until monday!


edit: the onion's not been this sharp for a while.
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