spooky cddb event

i know technology is great and everything, the what happened yesterday completely baffled me.

i bought super furry animals' 'rings around the world' dvd a while ago; partly for the videos, partly for the surround sound (eventually) and partly for all the remixes (it also has even more bonus tracks than that on it). i intended to record the remixes onto cd and have them playable anywhere. the sound didn't sound quite correct through my computer dvd player, so yesterday, while the house was empty, i moved the pc into the living room there and recorded the album onto the hard drive as a large, single, hi-res file.

i then went into nero and split it up into all the different tracks, which took the processor ages because the file was so big, then had to split it across two cds, and finally i had two cd quality super furry animals albums. result! this, i find, is the best way to make mp3s out of audio data; burn onto cd and rip back onto the computer. i'm sure there must be an app that does it without making the cd, but then i like having the cd too.

so then i came to put the 'remixes around the world' cd back into the computer to rip.

this cd is not one can buy. i have put the track marks in myself, so they won't all be in exactly the right places. i didn't write the track names on. the only thing it can have gone off with accuracy is the number of tracks, and inaccurately, the approximate length of the tracks. i find that remarkable.

being alone at home, i instinctively want to do all naughty things that i couldn't do while being observed. but then i realise that none of them are any fun, so i just put the fire on, make some pasta and read and listen to music and feed the cat.

oh, and this morning i had a dream that i was visiting laurence and julie, and it was so realistic that until i looked out from underneath the covers i thought i was there.
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