myspac is eating the internet

my hatred of myspac is increasing. a myspace page is not a replacement for an actual website, nor is it essential to your life. it is badness. stop myspacing! it is like 'the nothing' in the neverending story; when you look at it, it is as if you are blind, but people are drawn into it's emptiness, and it takes a huge force of pure will to not cast oneself into it.

but still, it hurts when someone removes me as a friend. someone went to the effort of actually thinking 'i don't want grilly as a friend anymore'. sure i've done it, but that was someone who sucked (an american 16 y-o who liked my berserker cover. i removed him when he forwarded a bulletin saying he was proud to be white). so, chloe, was 58 friends too many for you? i'm sorry if i hurt you. i'm sorry if i bored you. actually i suppose i don't really care, since it was quite a reasonable thing to do with someone who you've lost touch with. but did you have to admit we've lost touch?

edit: i thought i'd use rebessica as a song blog for a while.
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