oxytocin: the cuddly hormone

Dr Boynton said: "This feeds into a 1970s view that when you meet it's all sparky, and then it's a downward trajectory to cuddles - which is seen as a negative.

"It is suggesting that what happens first is the best bit - and that isn't true."

She added: "I'm concerned that, having identified these hormones, there will be some move to suggest replacements to recreate the early passion.

and that is fucking sick. this is old news, i remember hearing at school that they'd identified that 'true love', as it was sold then, only lasted 18 months, or at least its hormone cocktail did, so i don't know exactly what is new about the research - probarbly stuff that's too hardcore biochemistry to print - but hormone replacement therapy for bored couples? that's bad, isn't it?

however, this has come along at just the right time to provide my last song name for my forthcoming e.p. of lost electronica:

  1. creative people have more sex partners

  2. impregnate all the women in china

  3. rape is a valid reproductive strategy

  4. oxytocin: the cuddly hormone

also, we'd better get the kid a album out, because easy dub all stars are going to 'do' ok computer. they're going to call the album 'radiodread'. can we have something equally terrible, like "brien o'ed"?

while i'm on the link path, brave captain's put his new album, distractions, online for free, which could be quite good, and it looks like our old friend astra will have a proper album out on a proper label this year. good on her.
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