hurrahh for the bbc!

i'm so glad them put that online; a free copy of purple milk to the best photoshops.

i type 'news' into my adress bar, and accidentally hit enter. it takes me to, with the headline, 'Cheney will not face charges in shooting'. i type it again, but then press down to access, which has the rather more startling headline, 'US attacks UN Guantanamo report: The US says a UN report calling for the closure of Guantanamo Bay is a "discredit" to the organisation.'

let's make this rank for misguided advertising campaign!
edit: this image has been removed because i can't spell 'cloaca'.

in more good news, there are no results on google for 'recursive yin-yang' so i might be in with a first. i think i'll start off with an animated gif and see if i can do a flash version after that.

i had a vegan ham and cheese toastie for lunch today. can anyone beat that?
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