stop this meme NOW

Four jobs I've had:
data inputter, shop assitant, data inputter, data inputter.

Four places I've lived:
didsbury, durham, brighton. currently i'm not living anywhere.

Four places I'd like to be right now:
whally range, brighton, edinburgh, er.. i'm not so interested in places as situations.

Four things I've done to impress a member of my preferred sex:
smiled and nodded, drawn a flower in paint and emailed it, given her a copy of one of my cds or mixtapes, hmm, in terms of conciously doing, i'm not sure, but most things i probably do are driven by the subconscious desire to impress.

Four things I'm on the verge of learning:
php, how to not destroy a relationship, what is wrong with life, what i'm going to do in april.

Four nationalities I've been mistaken for:
english, greek, welsh, jewish.

Total volume of music files on my computer:
over twenty gigs now, largely at 192kbp.smp3, which i think is about ten days of music. i'm planning a cull.

The last four musics I bought:
euros childs, 'chops', brilliant. not quite gorky's but highly reccomended.
(ordered) zan lyons, 'desolate' i've not picked it up yet, but it's clearly going to be the greatest album of our age.
fantomas/melt banana: split 2" cd. the most expensive cd per minute i've ever bought - seven pounds for under three minutes (even beating gorky's 'tatay', which i spent forty quid on. it was worth it for the three years before the re-release)
alun tan lan, 'y distawrwydd'. this is gorgeous, and not just because i can't understand the (welsh) lyrics. he was supporting and playing with euros (he's supported gruff rhys too) and probably will again. it's really delicate, sensitive music. when i saw him he'd brought six guitars to get through both sets with, which seems a bit excessive, but saves on embarresing re-tuning.

artists i never leave home without (and this is definitive):
super furries
dillinger escape plan
ephel duath
cult of luna
that seem's like it, although i always carry round a stack of stuff done by my freinds and i too.

songs to play at my funeral:
heron, 'lord and master' from 'gather in the mushrooms (various). if there is a god, i really hope it's the one in this song, and the quietly glorious music is well-fit to the subject matter.
cult of luna, 'crossing over' from 'salvation'. so post-metal it's just 'post'.
gorky's zygotic mynci, 'the blue trees' from 'the blue trees'. simply delightful.
simian, 'into the ground' from 'mr. crow'. "without even six friends who could carry you by six cold handles into the ground": the best song about being buried (literally, as metaphorical burial of 'i know it's over).
the smiths, 'i know it's over' from 'the queen is dead'. the best song ever about wanting to be buried.
grilly - 'theme from woman's hour (end credits mix)' from 'womansour'. surely this is the music i should be cremated to?
radiohead, 'true love waits (synth version)', unreleased.

Five people to whom I'm passing the baton:
no-one, THE MEME MUST DIE (and i don't use capials lightly)

although everyone who reads this, please tell us all what songs YOU want played at your funeral. that's a meme worth spreading.
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