the trilogy is complete

i didn't think this would be an emotional moment, but tonight i release my new (old) e.p., 'cloaca' (formerly 'creative people have more sex partners'). these tunes were recorded 2002-2003 in falmer (university of sussex campus) when i didn't have my electric guitar to plug into my laptop, that means before womansour. i always meant to do something with them (see notes on 'go home and be a family man', and the doom 2 concept album), and it's taken me this long to realise they just work on their own, with only two very light editing decisions. so as not to confuse matters, and because i'm not keen on actually releasing them under my own name (shit.. why don't i just say 'brand'?), i'm going to bud off dj gallow slutt into a full blown side project and give him these as his first release (also it's a bit soon after purple milk, but as i said, these are not new recordings).

cloaca 1
cloaca 2
cloaca 3
cloaca 4
cloaca 5
cloaca 6
cloaca 7

this means my three e.p.s set is complete. i think the one cd version is a better idea.. most people who haven't already got womansour or purple milk won't be worth going to the effort of printing a three cd set for. but i still like the idea and would like to maybe do a couple, just for posterity. what would be interesting is how the 3 e.p.s interact while still being on different cds, like 7 soldiers.. theme from woman's hour really belongs on cloaca, the heavy fruity-loop backgrounds of certain bits of womansour were done at the same time, and then we've got the love/sex relationship with purple milk..

this is wierd. what is this feeling? cleanliness? anyway, i've been staring at screens for far too long today, and i want to get up early and have eggs and waffles (although right now the thought makes me feel queasy).

thank you and good night.
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