i have discovered: jazz

twice in a week. the first was footage of lester young on bbc's 'balderdash and piffle', illustrating the origin of the word 'cool'. i burst out into giggles of joy at his absolutely effortless style. the second was discovering that 'zorn', namechecked on an ephel duath press release, is the saxophonist john zorn, who performed with jazz-core-impro-grind act painkiller (and produced mr bungle's first album, and collaborates with patton from time to time). i came across his ten-cd 'masada' series in picaddilly records, and listened to the first track of 'aleph'. after five minutes, as the track drew to a close, i realised i completely loved it, although i didn't really understand what i had just heard. i just knew it was fantastic. so this marks the start of an epic journey for me.

i have also discovered my first girlfriend's myspace. no amount of name-googling could find her, and, as per, it wasn't it until i had given up hope (not that i had a burning desire to find her on the internet) that i came across her without even realising it for some time. i'm glad she still ranks herself as 'lesbian', and it wasn't just an ruse to break up with me, although for a while she could utter the unique line, 'i'm not straight but my boyfreind is'.

i stupidly bought the new fantomas/melt banana split single, a tiny (beautiful) square cd, smaller than the reciept, for seven pounds.

and yes, today is my birthday. i got good presents although p'haps too many as i don't think i deserve them, making me feel somewhat spoiled, which is also my earlist remembered emotion.

oh, and have you seen her lately?

..cause god, she's looking rough.
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