shotgun dave rides east

possibly tim dantay's best piece of work. if you haven't got the dvd, track it down you fuckers. it's the finest slice of surreal inaction ever to come out of doncaster.

yesterday, l and i went for a walk. cuh, what saddos, eh? who does that these days? it's been almost two years since i've been for a walk in brighton, without existensial ankst as a possible source code...

(but, shit, it will always seem that is the case; why else walk back from campus through stanmer park, {without seeing some bipedal creature across the valley at two in the morning, as astra was just explaining to me [although quite how she could see that far at that time is a mystery...]} on your own? how can you tell loneliness from simply wanting to walk up a hill alone? it's telling that i find them to be similar feelings; i never feel as in touch with reality as when i feel completely empty)

... so it was such a relief to walk up to the highest point in brighton on a beautiful misty day (a shame we couldn't see the sea, but no matter how misty, you can always see the sun) {that's because if you couldn't see the sun it would be fog. ed. now enough tautologies!}. l was hugely nostalgic. as we were walking up, we could hear these wierd atom heart mother horn blasts coming from behind the gorse bushes.. as we investigated, we found ourselves at the top of wild park, looking down at a large brass/percussion band in the basin (wild park is a very strange geographical formation, like a huge aborted railway cutting, or a pair of ginormous legs; as ever, it's the develop-proof bits of land that are given over to public use). as we walked down that balmy evening, cutting through sparse woods to get straight to the action, we discovered the 6th hove just about to pack up. listen to their recordings, they're prog-terror-core!

i started working on a remix of mastodon (leviathan track one), entitled 'must have done', but listening to that intro guitar riff 50 times flaccidated any enthusigasm i had. so i loaded up the mp3 player, picked up my cd for astra - a folk into indietronica mix - and headed off to the walmer. i missed the show, but got to chat to her for an hour, so it was effort well rewarded.
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