i've landed.

jess: we can get a kitty.

and for some reason:
vegan pr0n

my trip to london last night with mat and ed, is summed up in this here haiku.

drag me around camden
the drummer from simian
remembered my name

james ford said "it's grilly, isn't it?". my jaw hit the flaw. i love this band so much. this is the best band in the world. i'm so happy.

i don't remember telling him my name. it must have been at that simian mobile disco aftershow with the really cute tour manager. i wondre if he remembered me when i was the only person dancing at the brighton gig.

of course, even garden, very good, weren't like the old days. but it was just great to see them on stage. i wanted to hang out and hobnob but the others prefered down stairs, so that was fine. i hope they got on, obviously mat and ed bring out completely different sides of me, so it was a wierd evening. then i got too drunk and wandered round westminster waiting for my train listening to hail to the theif, trying not to wake the street sleepers.
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