attack me if you dare, i will crush you.

ryu is online.

this is part one complete. over the coming six weeks, one character ending will be added to the pictures page every monday, just to keep you in suspense (they're already layed out and ready for publication).

so the prize from the boon; their debut e.p., which is completely great, and a pair of comfortable black undies with 'father of boon are nice' cleanly written across them. you can see a photo tomorrow. it's great having an excuse to get your keks out in public. however, i already have a copy of the e.p., so would anyone like it? it's really quite properly exciting music. i don't like first come first served - it doesn't fit my world view - so whoever wants it the most can have it.
so, start bidding.

love, grili

you must defeat my dragon punch to stand a chance...
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